To kick off their new ‘Sounds From The Void‘ series, CREEPER have released a cover of gothic folk act King Dude’s ‘Spiders In Her Hair’.

Sounds From The Void‘ will see the band cover hit tracks from many other bands while isolated in lockdown, and they’re starting with ‘Spiders In Her Hair’. The track was originally released by King Dude from their 2011 album ‘Love‘. Performed by vocalist Will Gould and guitarist Ian Miles, Gould has said they’ve all been “big fans” for a while: “My girlfriend and I would listen to ‘Love’ an awful lot when we first got together and this kinda became our song. Knowing we’d have limited resources in lockdown meant that recording some acoustic songs made sense. This was the first song that I knew I’d love us to do.

Check out the cover below!



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