Many bands are always turning to the internet and social media to get their names and their music out there. It’s also the easiest way to communicate with others, such as fans; which at this time is more than necessary. However, for bands with a great fan following online, there’s a barrier preventing them from reaching their fans: payment.

BANDBOND is a new app aiming to help metal bands communicate and reach out to their fans easily without extra costs for promotion or boosts.

The idea came from Martin Brändström from Swedish death metal act Dark Tranquillity, who was in charge of their social media channels. He realised first-hand that to keep that communication between themselves and their following, he would have to pay more and more to the social networking sites they were using.

He explains: “The relationship between a band and its fans is unique and not something you can market like toothpaste or soft drinks. Without sponsoring a post, you will only reach a fraction of your followers. It’s really kind of strange that someone can charge you to reach the fans that actually wants to be reached, and to make you pay for the display of content that you yourself, as a band, has created which generates traffic to their platform.

With the help of Joacim Starander and Mattias Lindeblad, Brändström began planning out Bandbond. Over 250 metal bands are already active on the app. This includes the likes of Of Mice & Men, Behemoth, Lacuna Coil, Carnifex and Agnostic Front.

Check out the Bandbond trailer below to learn more!

Bandbond is available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play!



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