BAD//DREEMS have released a new music video for their single ‘Desert Television’. The single is their first release since their 2019 record, ‘Doomsday Ballet‘.

Guitarist Alex Cameron has spoken about the inspiration behind the single coming from “a passage in a David Foster-Wallace speech about the crushing mundanity of everyday life that always stuck with me.” He went on to discuss the recording process while they were in the UK: “we had booked a couple of days with Rory Atwell to record some demos. He used to play in a band I loved in the mid 2000s called Test Icicles. We really had a great time in his little studio in Hackney. It was a tiny lockup down a back alley, sandwiched between a clothing sweatshop and a prayer room. We had to help the sweat shop guys carry their wares out each night before the could move the van that was blocking us in. We had great simpatico with Rory and he just recorded us playing this live. He played some synth while we had tea and a hob nob or two. It came up so well we decided to release it.

Check out the new single below!



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