Ocean City Hardcore mob Vision Quest are one of UKHC’s rising stars. After releasing their first EP with vocalist Saskia Hopwood early last year the band managed to play at shows around the UK. Solid sets at Chamber’s final show in Leeds and Upsurge in London showed that VQ were ones to watch, but the band took things even further, closing out 2019 with supporting both Backtrack and Shelter.

We spoke to vocalist Saskia on the eve of the release of new EP Bear Witness. We speak about the issues close to Vision Quest’s heart, new music and where the band are headed next.

Speaking about the band’s views and the issues they want to tackle with their music Saskia tell us, “It’s hard to summarise our ideologies as a group and as individuals without writing an essay but we all oppose authority, live a vegan lifestyle and advocate equality, free movement and respect for all… We’d all like to live in a world free from all authority and oppressive organisations, be they the cops, the armed forces, the factory farm or any force that enables systems of exploitation and oppression, for human and non human animals.” Bear Witness is a great manifesto for the band’s views, with lyrical content addressing topics such as veganism and anti-authoritarianism with the call of “1312”.


Mixed with vivacious rhythmatic riffs that blend the abrasiveness of heavy hardcore with the groove and energy of Youth Crew era hardcore Vision Quest manage to keep a fun and energetic vibe whilst addressing hard hitting issues. Speaking further on the subject of veganism and the importance of the issue to VQ, Saskia adds “From the start of the writing process for this EP we all wanted to have a stand out track that held a solely vegan message as as a collective we feel really strongly about veganism and the morals surrounding that way of life…The lyrics and sound of the song are light and positive so it’s not quite a slap in the face to those who aren’t vegan but it came from a place of solicitude for all us and is one of my favourite tracks we’ve written.”

Never ones to sit still, Vision Quest have their eyes set on what they’re doing next with Saskia saying the band’s next moves are to “Release more music, play more shows. Vision Quest will always be fuelled by the pure enjoyment we get from doing what we do.” Not a band to sit on, the enjoyment Vision Quest get from their music is embodied in their music. A fun take on contemporary hardcore with a direct message of liberty and positivity Vision Quest are one of the scenes most interesting groups. 

Bear Witness is out now via Bandcamp. Vinyl pre-orders are available through Crew Cuts (UK), Angry & Hungry (EU) and Blind Rage (US).



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