Based on the idea of transferring the musical language of ambient and avant-pop into an orchestral format, Leipzig-based pianist, composer and sound designer Philipp Rumsch founded his own ensemble in 2015. Consisting of twelve artists from Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and Weimar, the group have premiered their latest single ‘A1’ ahead of their new album’s release on April 24th.

Based on his own research, observations and interviews, Philipp uses upcoming LP ‘µ: of anxiety x discernment’ to deal with concepts surrounding angst. Rumsch has developed a multi-dimensional picture of this complex emotional state looking at individual experiences in order to explore a collective perception of this phenomena.

“The opener of the album ‘a1’ is centred about a baseline played by two harmoniums. Those two were placed around our dummy head to get this captivating sound in binaural audio”, Rumsch explains. “Enriched with heartbeats, breathing noises and various sound textures played by the ensemble I aimed for taking the listener directly into the deeper levels of the psyche. The intense environment of anxiety is settled straight away.”

Check out the single below – the full-length ‘µ: of anxiety x discernment’ is out on April 24th via Denovali Records.



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