Punk music is alive and well despite the state of the world right now.

Moving from its original sound to different areas of underground yet heavy and loud music – such as crust, hardcore and that amazing emotive side of it – this genre has been changing the game since day one. UK bands literally destroyed the entire music business, embracing it just to hit it from the inside: punk was more than playing an instrument or attending a show, it was all about delivering an idea of freedom and rage against all systems and prejudices. Even the punk himself / herself felt about not being part of that kind of society, conveying his / her hate through clothes, attitude and, obviously, music. Nowadays, punk music is (luckily) still among us in different forms: bands, fanzines, d.i.y. shows and records’ self-productions are keeping the flame alive in the best possible way. We are really proud to present you one of our favourite hardcore-punk bands in the UKHC scene: Negative Measures.


On March 9th, Discovered Magazine premiered a brand new single from this band, called Beneath The Ground. This song came out a couple of years after the four-tracks EP The Waste Continuum, definitely one of the most interesting chaotic hardcore / punk releases of 2018. “Loud” and “heavy” are two words that can be easily linked to Negative Measures’ discography: for this Brighton’s outfit, “punk  is something related to core beliefs and community and everyone in this band has a different idea of what this word means”. Their city has been the cradle for lots of sick bands for years, such as Plead, Plastics, Human Leather; moreover, “Quality Control Records have also put out loads of great punk bands from Brighton”.

For a relatively new band as Negative Measures is, touring and playing shows are the main reason to keep going on with this adventure. In fact, the band explains us that “live shows is where we feel most at home, so we’ll keep doing that as much and as long as we can”. This sounds definitely as a good news for their fans: Negative Measures’ live sets are full of energy and really define what an hardcore-punk show should look like. Is punk dead? Not at all, “there’s loads of great bands around at the moment: Vision Quest, Watch Me Die, Ill Vision, Negative Frame, especially when we consider hardcore as well; the scene is in a really healthy place right now”, highlights the band. Despite this, punk music and its relevant culture is also strictly related to the worldwide political and social situation. Back in the days, anarchy was the main theme of most of punk bands.


Today, anarchy is not that easy to be reached: anyway, lots of modern bands are turning on the light on how nowadays’ life is. As Negative Measures told us, “it’s hard not to write about this kind of things, considering everything that’s going on right now, especially in the UK”. Needless to say, music is one of the best way to convey social and political messages to the masses; d.i.y. culture can have an important impact as well, since “this is the backbone of music’s culture in the UK, since no one else is going to come along and put on punk shows other than punk kids”, reveal us the band. Negative Measures have a few singles in the works and are ready to tour once the pandemic emergency will be over. In the meantime, we’ve got some music suggestions for you: “Restraining Order, Rule Them All and Gulch are all doing great stuff at the moment”. As Negative Measures told us, “support your scene, support your mates”.




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