Lost Dakota are a duo that bring on the power of many, into the entities of two. They take pride in “[putting] all our energy into our shows”, and it’s very obvious that they’re glad of their success. Originally starting as a solo project for vocalist Christian Perez, he branched out to find other members but life was always a reason things were never staying the same for too long.

“We became a four-piece for a while,” he reminisced. “We could never really keep a bass player due to outside factors like jobs, schools, moving away…it was like the band was always kind of a three-piece until 2018.”

After their guitarist left the band, Perez kept soldiering on with drummer Greg Degracia to keep Lost Dakota alive; and it gave both musicians the realisation that being a duo is “surprisingly easier” than having multiple members come on-board. As Perez stated previously that conflicting schedules made other members give up their place in the band, himself and Degracia always managed to make it work. “[We] have a similar enough working schedule to make booking shows or even meeting up to practice easier.”

“[We] have a similar enough working schedule to make booking shows or even meeting up to practice easier.”

With practice comes perfection, and being just two people in a band using all sorts of sounds and instruments, it requires skill to make it all work out with writing and recording music. Perez and Degracia play guitar and drums for Lost Dakota respectively, but collectively also have skills in playing keys and bass. In Perez’s case, he can also program beats and can cover the electronic elements of their music. How does this work when it comes to live performances? Well, instead of hiring touring musicians to join onstage… “We use backing tracks live.”

In terms of their own style and sound, the duo have taken bits and pieces from multiple genres over the years. “Our sound takes a lot of influence from a variety of genres…emo, pop punk, trap, alternative, and pop.”

“We tend to have a lot of sounds going on throughout our songs whether it’s mutliple guitars playing or layered pads…we want our music to be something you can listen to over and over.” Taking inspiration from acts such as Bring Me The Horizon and Post Malone is how Lost Dakota got their specific sound put together; but it goes deeper than that. “Other individual influences also have shaped our own playing styles…Greg’s metalcore background and Christian’s pop-rock and post-hardcore background.”

The mix of it all can only be heard to be believed – enter ‘Keeping Secrets’. A new single by the band, following on from previous releases such as ‘Ebb & Flow’ and ‘Falling (For You)’, it’s been met with “a lot of positive feedback”.

“We tend to have a lot of sounds going on…”

“The reception to our latest single has been great so far!” They’ve said. “Anthony Lovato from the band Mest was at one of our most recent shows…he really dug what he heard so we’ve been buzzing since then.” Beyond this single, Lost Dakota have an EP in the works and they’re hoping to bring it out to the world “by mid to late 2020”.

“The last couple of songs that have been written are different but in a good way,” they say. “We’re pushing ourselves to write stuff that’s still fun to play and very much Lost Dakota but also incorporates newer influences such as The Band Camino and The 1975.” That sounds so adventurous!

As well as the EP plans, the year according to Lost Dakota is going to be something a little different… “We’ll be working on some stuff that’s a bit outside of our wheelhouse.” They aim to work on more projects to help them become “more well-rounded as musicians”; they’ve hinted towards some reimagined work with previous releases and some summer plans, but overall, they’re keeping everything secret and undercover.

“Follow us on socials and you’ll definitely see it when it’s announced!” We will and we shall!




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