RATING: 9.5/10


At its very core, punk music is about speaking out against what’s wrong with the world. Decades back, punk was one of few communities that would welcome those who were rejected by society and refused to follow the rules of authority. In 2020, it looks like the heart and soul of punk rock lives on in modern forms – and this includes The Homeless Gospel Choir.

Making a living from writing songs about life’s limitations and personal demons, Derek Zanetti has always manned The Homeless Gospel Choir solo with his on-brand acoustic punk style. But Zanetti decided to shake up the project line-up and hire himself a full band to represent the sound in his head. And that sound is, to put it simply, loud. Welcome to the louder, prouder record, ‘This Land Is Your Landfill‘.

Zanetti has never shied away from social issues, and he’s not ready to stop. The first single from the record was ‘Don’t Compare’, which takes on the very common theme of social media addiction and the effect it can have on one’s mental health. Taking on the concept of compare and despair, it begins gently then the band comes straight in; a musical representation of how anxiety and depression can snowball within someone who becomes dependent on social media to feel good and “confident” in themselves. That is the multi-layered philosophical beauty one would expect with The Homeless Gospel Choir, and there is greatness in every layer.

“That is the multi-layered philosophical beauty one would expect with The Homeless Gospel Choir…”

This was the first time Zanetti showed off his new band, and it’s a wonderful sign of hope. He’s no longer alone with his thoughts – he has friends and he’s sharing his problems. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all.

One of the strongest and catchiest tracks is ‘Blind Faith’; one that Zanetti himself says is a favourite among the new collection. A song about blindly following the rules and orders of institutions around the world, most notably religion. With lyrics such as, “You eat it all up just to shit it all out” it gives a realistic view of how people are brainwashed into believing these twisted views of wrong and right when it turns out to be the other way round in most occasions. Religion is one of the strongest institutions globally, and can grab hold of anyone who is curious even in the slightest. One of Zanetti’s lyrics represents this, as he sings that “I’ve been thinking too much about going back to church” – a simple line, but with the wonderful power of conveying the torn feeling. Torn between doing what’s right in the world, or doing what’s “right” according to the church.

For a song about struggling in life and trying to succeed on any level, The Homeless Gospel Choir present you with ‘Art Punk’. Beginning in a classical style, the band fade in to create that chaos which ‘This Land Is Your Landfill‘ is built upon. Blending Zanetti’s voice with beautiful backing vocals, ‘Art Punk’ is a song that can relate to any creative anywhere in the world. The words speak of struggles and strife; wanting to be an acceptable person in society. Wanting success in one’s field, in love, or just to be liked.


“‘Art Punk’ is a song that can relate to any creative anywhere in the world”

This Land Is Your Landfill‘ is one of the deepest, most socially aware records that’ll be released in 2020, possibly throughout the decade. It’s loud, catchy, philosophical – the winning trifecta for The Homeless Gospel Choir.

As the world is slowing down and the music industry is trying its best to survive, spare some time and spin this record.



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