RATING: 9/10


Rotting Out are back. Despite having released just two full lengths and a couple of EPs, the San Pedro outfit successfully created its own way of approaching that fast, energetic yet captivating hardcore sound that thousands of fans have been listening to since the band’s first steps in the scene. Formed in 2007, Rotting Out have been making their own path since then, with a unique way of playing hardcore that set a trend for lots of outfits from the same musical genre.

Before talking about their new record, it is important for us to give some credit to one of our favourite hardcore albums ever released: Street Prowl. With its iconic artwork, this eleven-track full length released nine years ago helped Rotting Out to cement their role into the underground scene, skyrocketing the LA’s quintet into the next level of hardcore music. A decade later, Walter Delgado and his band are back stronger than ever with Ronin: ten tracks of furious hardcore that we are really excited to present you on our magazine.

But let’s step back for a moment. Four years ago, Delgado himself was arrested for transporting weed with an accomplice. Later that summer, Rotting Out’s frontman began serving his sentence in an Ohio prison. After eighteen months, Delgado was ready to start his new life. This happened while the band had already disbanded back in 2015, per a short message left by the singer via Tumblr.


Rotting Out’s comeback started in two different ways. First, some members joined other side projects, such as DRK BLU (Delgado) and Slowtrip (Pedroza), lighting a glimmer of hope for what concerned a new Rotting Out’s record. Second, the LA’s outfit destroyed the stage during one of the best music festivals in the world, Sound And Fury (2018 and 2019 editions). Footage and pictures from those live sets rapidly became viral on the Internet, delivering that sense of eager awaiting in the band’s fanbase. Finally, all this hype led the band to their new record, the long-awaited full length titled Ronin.

Released by the almighty Pure Noise Records, this ten-tracks album is nothing short of a punch in our faces.  Carrying the torch of music legends and South Bay’s local heroes such as Black Flag, Pennywise and Suicidal Tendencies, Rotting Out showcase what they’re famous for: hardcore without compromises, filled with pogo-inducing and mosh-friendly parts. Delgado’s vocals are top-notch as usual as well as guitars riffs and that heavy drumming that hardcore kids like us love to the moon and back.

Ronin’s release was anticipated by three singles: Stones, Reaper and Unforgiven. Delgado himself describes Stones as a “very aggressive and angry song”, which is strictly linked to the worst faces of LA that used to surround him: from prostitution to violence, this negative environment influenced his way of writing.


Isolation played its role too, since Rotting Out took seven years to come back with a new full length. “Hard lessons, weight of guilt and hopelessness” did influenced the artistic process behind Ronin, but Delgado reveals that he has “never been more proud of writing this record and nothing was left behind on my end”. From a musical point of view, Ronin is a certified banger: the Rotting Out’s style is alive and well in each tracks. Punk roots are wisely added to the band’s hardcore influences and there’s no desire of slowing down, since every song is here to lay siege to every venue, pit or festival.

Rotting Out have their own place in hardcore history and Ronin is something more than just a record. This is a new step for one of the best bands that this music genre has ever witnessed playing shows or releasing music. Welcome back, Rotting Out. We missed your music so much and we cannot wait to attend one of your unforgettable gigs again. Darker moments are behind you.

Ronin is out now via Pure Noise Records.



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