With touring suddenly stopping for many bands, it means a lot of people in the music industry are struggling. This isn’t just the bands; this includes tour managers, sound and lighting technicians and drivers, among others. With no certainty for when bands can get back on the road as the pandemic continues, a selection of these underground acts got together to form ‘THE TOURS THAT NEVER WERE‘.

‘The Tours That Never Were’ is a new fundraiser for all these people in the industry. They have released a collection of merchandise to represent the tours around the world that had to be cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shirts, bags and posters are on sale to represent a collection of bands who were affected by the change. This includes the likes of Black Peaks, Cultdreams, Employed To Serve, Holding Absence, Lizzy Farrall and Sugar Horse.

To learn more about The Tours That Never Were, check out their full biography here. If you wish to help out these bands and their crews, check out the merch on sale right here!



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