There’s a lot of forward thinking going right now, let alone in a climate that has been nothing but turbulent for the live music industry.

But as we head towards a world of uncertainty, it’s also one of the most interesting times in terms of digital developement.

Enter Melody VR. Having already worked for the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Panic! At The Disco, their full virtual reality experience has enabled us to experience shows like never before. In February this year Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes headlined their biggest sold out show to date, the 10,000 capacity Alexandra Palace here in the UK.

But lets be clear. Melody VR are NOT looking to replace the live music industry any time soon, and like us still believe that attending a live show is one of the best experiences one can have in life, of which Melody VR tell us their ethos is, “not to replace the live music experience, but to harness the power of virtual reality to get people closer to the music they love.”

Whilst mass gatherings now may seem like a thing of the past, this isn’t to say that once more that Frank and co are becoming innovators, and we don’t just mean as musicians.

“When we sold out Alexandra Palace we wanted to do something special and our friends at MelodyVR knew exactly how to help.” Explains vocalist Frank Carter. “Our entire show is now available on MelodyVR. Get over there and watch the show from angles you’ve only ever dreamed of!’ – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.”

You can now view the entire live show from multiple angles and relive the experience via the Melody VR app! Check it out HERE and download the App on ALL platforms to relive one of the greatest shows of the last decade!



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