Isolation is giving everyone the time to try out some new artistic ventures, from bands to their dedicated fanbases. It looks like one creative individual was inspired by JINJER‘s music video for their single ‘Perennial’, and decided to remake it all himself – using LEGO!

Superfan Mychailo Halinin recreated the video scene by scene, block by block. The band loved the video so much, they decided to share it across all their social media channels! Bassist Eugene Abdukhanov has shared his love for the creativity: “Who has not played with LEGO as a kid? Who has not secretly dreamed of starring in their own LEGO MOVIE!? What a wonderful gift and pleasure this was to watch and now to release Perennial LEGO to the world … these are indeed very strange days but thank you Mychailo for making our day a little bit more bright and positive!

Check out the LEGO video below!



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