Finnish metal band DARK SARAH have released a brand new single, ‘Melancholia’. It’s the first single released from their upcoming album, ‘Grim‘ which is due for release on 17th July through Napalm Records.

The album is set to be a fantasy horror story, told through every song. ‘Melancholia’ is the start of the story, revolving around the lead character Luna gaining powers and looking into her own past.

Speaking of the new song, frontwoman Heidi Parviainen has said: ““Melancholia” is a dark (and maybe the saddest) song on Grim, yet it is also very powerful. In my opinion, it also contains the most beautiful guitar solo of the album. “Melancholia” is the name of a blue orb which provides magical powers to the protagonist Luna. In the song, Luna sees into her past through the orb and learns what has happened to her. She lives through her longings and loneliness once again.

Check out the new single below!



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