The Ghost Inside have become more than just a legendary band in the world of hardcore, but one of the most resilient and inspiring ones.

After a serious bus crash in 2015, of which leftall members of the band with the exception of bassist Riley with life changing injuries, the band showed their resilence and awe inspiring strength by returning to the live field last year, with both appearances at Australia’s Unify Festival as well as a hometown show in California.


Dropping new single, Aftermath, alongside announcing their new self title record being released next month via Epitaph Records, Jim tells us that the new record is one about their experiences, but that the past is not what will lead the future of this band.

“We went into the writing process knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best for them to be relatable to everyone. With Aftermath we let it be much more personal – this one is us telling OUR story.” He tells us when reflecting on the new record.

“When it was time to choose a first song to share with the world, it felt right for it to be Aftermath. It allows anyone that listens into our world, but it also lets us put final punctuation on that chapter of our lives. Aftermath is a total catharsis for us. We let it all out in the song so that it’s not bottled up inside us anymore and we can heal and move on, since after all, the beat goes on.” He concludes.

The new record can be pre-ordered NOW via the band’s website.




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