Five-piece metallic hardcore band DECEIVER, from Leeds, have just dropped their new single ‘Battleground’ which we are psyched to premier exclusively on Discovered.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, the band had this to say:
“The modern year of 2020 has shown nothing but progression in the line of mental health awareness. It’s great that people are more aware of this than ever before. However a side of mental health and human behaviour that people often don’t delve into, and admit to, is the selfishness that everyone possesses, at least to some degree. Everyone has spoken badly about someone behind their back, then been nice to their face at some point. Everyone at some point has hurt someone for a selfish gain of some kind. Some people are more honest about their selfish endeavors than others, but a lot are completely in denial about it. This is something I like to call a ‘Battleground’ in ones mind, whereby they are telling themselves that they are a nice, selfless person, but in reality, they know that they are not as selfless as they hope to be. I believe everyone has this battle at some level in their head, something that infects everyone yet is rarely spoken about; a silent epidemic.”

Check it out NOW:




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