Scottish metallic hardcore lads Revulsion are gearing up to release their new record Enough To Bleed after several support slots with Venom Prison and Malevolence, which they say is “definitely inspiring to watch bands like that play.” The DIY structure of these bands have really been inspiring for Revulsion too, as they say “we’ve always been a band who try and do a lot for ourselves, we used to put out our own music, we made our own tapes, we’ve booked a lot of shows and tours by ourselves. Seeing other bands doing it for themselves and reaching that level of success is amazing.”

As a metallic hardcore band there can often be a thin line between this subgenre and that of metalcore, however the Scottish boys suggest that “metallic hardcore is more raw and to the point,” and that “maybe it’s just how you think of it yourself, to me we have always been a hardcore band playing metal riffs.” Of course for them this also allows for a bigger appeal to more listeners; as “people who just like metal can get on board too.” They judge themselves then as not metalcore, simply because they want “pure aggression” and with a lack of any form of clean singing and melodic interludes it is clear that they have avoided stepping over that thin line.

“We have always been a hardcore band playing metal riffs.”

The band was in a state of flux for a while, and “since our first release we’ve had a couple of line-up changes and I think we’ve all changed a lot and we’ve had a lot of time to play together now. We are a lot tighter musically, we are better at getting the ideas out and we are better at writing together. Personally I think this album is a big step up for us,” and it is certainly a lot more cohesive than any previous work.

When asked about the state of the UK hardcore scene guitarist Paul Johnston said he felt that “it’s in a pretty good place right now. Especially on the heavier side of things.” In their home town of Glasgow is doing pretty well, and: “there are a few new young bands coming up which is sick. In the UK, new music from the likes of Asidhara coming through, maybe still a tad under the radar, deserving of a lot more attention, but hopefully people will see sense/listen sooner than later!”

“We aren’t a beatdown band, but we have heavy mosh parts and beatdowns.”


The relentless onslaught certainty contains elements of all forms of metal, from thrash right the way through to death, and it is a complete assault on the senses; never letting up even for a single minute of respite. It is also hard to describe their signature sound, as Johnston says: “we don’t really stick to a specific thing. We aren’t like a fast grind band, but we still have fast bits. We aren’t a beatdown band, but we have heavy mosh parts and beatdowns. We aren’t a crust punk band but we still have d-beats.”

Enough To Bleed is an album of “the heaviest songs we’ve written” and “it’s the best music we’ve written.” With that in mind it is an exciting time to be a fan of Revulsion, especially as they are now planning on “just trying to play shows & reach as many people as possible on the road.” Be prepared for face-meltingly heavy shows.



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