Every once in a while a band will come along and not only shift the musical landscape, but what it means to be an alternative counterculture in the 21st Century.

EXCLUSIVELY dropping their new single, Pine, an enigmatic soundscape to soundtrack the scale of human emotion, not to mention some serious riffs, in a time where unity is needed more than ever before, Forager cement themselves as being some of the most honest leaders in this department.

“We’re super excited to start our next release cycle and we couldn’t be happier with the song we’ve chosen to kick off with, “Pine” is a celebration of all the love, support and kindness we have felt as a band.” They explain.

“Each person in attendance during the shoot played a crucial role in the videos creation, with everybody taking turns to film the video itself as well as lending their voices for the final section. We truly cannot do this without the people around us and this song and video is a testament to that.”

Alongside the new single, the band have also launched their own initiative, to create a series of SUPER LIMITED merchandise to coincide with the releases. Each limited down to exactly 10 original copies, the band marry their love of vintage clothing with the concept of changing the way we view merchandise, and it’s role in promoting music.

“With each single we release over the coming months we will also be dropping a limited run of merchandise. Each blank t-shirt has been sourced by the band from vintage and recycled sources, designed by the band and individually screen printed in house, these are limited to ten per single and will not be reprinted.! Explains vocalist Oliver. “All of these shirts have so much love and care put into them, minor imperfections and differences make them truly unique and we couldn’t be happier with them.”

Check out the LIMITED run of merchandise above as well as the new video for Pine below. 




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