Australia has a great scene when it comes to rock, metal and hardcore bands; over the years, the world has seen band after band come and make its mark within the industry. When it comes to Broken Earth, they’ve learnt the key to making their own mark is “figuring out to stand out.”

“Personally, we do it by having a fresh yet familiar take on our song-writing and image, as well as our live shows…We try and play so intense that whoever goes on after us sees us play and gets a little shaken.”
The guys are overly honest about what goes on with the scene in Australia. They encourage everyone to get involved and support the smaller bands that are just starting out – and say that’s going to save heavy music.
“We hear constant complaints from everyone about our radio stations not playing enough heavy music,” they state. “But if you’re not even listening to your own mate’s releases, getting excited for what they may have to offer, then you’re not going to have a local scene.”

“your songs are your advertisements for your live shows.”

As important as the local scene is, they’ve admitted to receiving more support in other areas of Australia at times: “We had a stronger support in Newcastle than in our hometown of Sydney for the longest time, just because the music community was better suited to what we bring…However, because of the Newcastle buzz, people in Sydney started paying attention again, and we got offered more shows, so it’s really something that can work to your advantage.”

Being approached by different bands in different areas to tour with them was a confident sign to Broken Earth that they were on the right track in their careers, and it was after proving they “can not only bring people to shows, but also be at the shows that you’re not playing.”

Broken Earth always will put live performance first – and are rarely seen off stage these days! The guys live with the overall belief that “your songs are your advertisements for your live shows”. They just want bands to have fun onstage and bring the energy every single time: “If the advertisement rocks but the end product sucks, you’re not going to have a fun time.”

“you don’t have to jump through countless hoops that a suit at the top has deemed acceptable.”

The band aren’t here to repeat the mistakes of bands that came and went due to a weak stage presence. “A lot of bands that we saw pumping out a proper mean single, it would pop off on your phone, get you hyped for a show…and then the live act would stand around, half mumble the lines, the members would have little to no chemistry, and it would come off as lazy…There have been many times where afterwards the audience would write them off sadly, and people would stop rocking up to their shows next time.”

Broken Earth are making waves overseas, hitting a “few fun spots” in the UK with their streams and views. They believe modern technology is key in helping bands achieve their dreams. “The digital age is something that truly can only benefit anyone trying to make it…Stuff like algorithmic based content is something that can hinder, but there has never been a better time than now to be an independently run artist, label, publication, whatever you want to do, you go out and learn how to do it, and on a next to no budget you can end up creating something amazing, you don’t have to jump through countless hoops that a suit at the top has deemed acceptable.”





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