RATING: 7.5/10


Los Angeles outfit World War are promising the biggest tunes and have spent the last few years working on their debut release. This release became the living, singing storybook that is ‘Daydreamer‘. It’s a rock-based direction which tells a melodic story within its four tracks, including a two-part introduction which starts things off calmly, steadily, and builds up suspense in what the story holds and what the listener is about to welcome themselves to by playing through this short but inviting EP.

The two-part ‘Tides’ brings the power from the beginning, in true storytelling style; a slow introduction, the suspense is brought by the addition of more instruments. The storm has arrived and it’s time to prepare for what World War will be serving out. As ‘Pt. 1’ contains the peak between the two tracks, the development into drama and tension keeps everything moving through to ‘Pt. 2’. This is where the vocals finally come in, and are used among the effects of echoes and distortion to add extra levels of intensity and otherworldly sensations. Like how the visuals can capture fans of cinema, the sounds and singing can capture listeners into wanting more, learning more, and needing to find out what happens next.

“the living, singing storybook that is ‘Daydreamer‘.”

As quietly as it comes in, it fades out into a short-lived silence before moving on to the next track. It’s time to move on to the rest of the EP, now that everyone’s warmed up from the ‘Tides’ opening.

‘I Remember’, the one single from the EP is the definite standout within the collection. Where ‘Tides’ brought out this extraterrestrial tale in the form of sound and melody, ‘I Remember’ goes for a different take. A slightly darker turn than expected. It adds to this cinematic feel that ‘Daydreamer’ is going for; either intentionally or unintentionally. It comes across as this deep dark thriller, like a melodic horror movie. Made to spook and cast fear into the listener – while still entertaining.

The music and vocals work well together on this track because it manages to balance out. The music is heavy, and it does drag in most of not all senses with its style, but it doesn’t “outdo” the vocals that progress alongside. There’s no competing, and no “this is better than that” when it comes to instruments versus vocals. It all works in harmony.

“World War know what they’re doing with their music.”

Still relatively new to writing and recording music for the public, World War know what they’re doing with their music and don’t seem to be lost or struggling in figuring out themselves or their sound as a collective, and ‘Daydreamer’ proves that.

They’re still in their early stages but to be this clear, to be able to work this efficiently, and complete an EP with no mistakes, no imbalances, is purely the best step forward a band could take and shows that they’re ready to keep going and rising higher and higher in the industry.





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