RATING: 8.5/10


Priding themselves on bringing the industry “multi-coloured straitjacket vocals and feverish guitars”, Belgian rockers The Guru Guru can easily be classed as something else in rock. Gaining international recognition with their debut album, ‘PCHEW’, they were ready to give the world what they wanted and needed next – which is what led to this follow-up, ‘Point Fingers’.

The key phrase they’ve used to describe their ascension in rock is how “instead of being in the nuthouse, they know own the asylum”; they’re making everything their own and showing that playing the game is nothing compared to becoming the master of it. This is demonstrated from the very beginning, with their single ‘Mache’ opening the album with an unsettling melody of clicks and slow winding of cogs. It’s taking the listener out of their comfort zone, leading to an unexpected classic rock inspired hit with a soft beat – with a nice style, a steady beat, and a soothing listen overall, everyone is ready for The Guru Guru and whatever antics they pull.

A tune with a more contemporary feel is ‘Skidoo’, scattering in hints of electronic alongside their good guitar riffs. They naturally progress from a slower song to a more upbeat number, and it makes the song stick in the brain longer. One lyric from ‘Skidoo’ notably hilarious is: “Well, that’s a disappointment”. Quite the contrary, dear friends, as there are zero disappointing moments on this track. It hooks listeners in and makes them want to sway, then bounce, then sway some more, then bounce even more. It wouldn’t be a lie to call ‘Skidoo’ one of the most diverse tracks on the album, and it highlights what the band aimed for the record to: show off that they’re not like other bands, and prove most other bands will never be like them.

“they’re making everything their own and showing that playing the game is nothing compared to becoming the master of it”

‘Origamiwise’ is probably the favourite from the album. Being released as a single sometime before ‘Point Fingers’ was released, it was deemed a fan favourite before too long. Coming in cool and chilled out with vocals to match before dabbling into something heavier and then falling into that pit, staying in and rocking out in it, it captures what The Guru Guru were out to do with their sound. It’s confusing, it’s disorientating, but it’s so catchy and fun, it doesn’t matter.

With ‘Point Fingers’, it’s evident what the goal of the band was: be different, be surprising, never let anyone stay chilled or comfortable or expecting what’s coming next when spinning their record. Most bands aim to shock and surprise, it’s what keeps the industry going and keeps fans on their toes and eager for more, but the way these guys pull it off messes with the mind and everyone loves it.

Who knew owning the asylum would bring out some fantastic new music to play for the patients?





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