RATING: 8.5/10


2020 is a big year for many different reasons; some good, some bad, and some require thought on which category they’d fall into. For Ontario rockers Silverstein, this is their 20th year in music! There are many plans in the works to celebrate, but the greatest so far has been their latest release, ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown‘. With this new record, it cements the sure strength within Silverstein’s sound. The actualisation of such takes time and perseverance; it can only be believed once heard. The spark is white hot and the adventure is captivating enough to keep fans hooked.

‘Bad Habits’ is a great way to introduce the album, and was a more than suitable choice for a single. It’s catchy, lively, and too loud to ignore; a style that’s right down Silverstein’s alley. It brings the energy without overbearing, and it fits just right. Clicking. The previously released tracks do bring a taste of what the band had planned with ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’, but it’s never predictable. Every song has a different tone and storyline; it’s what brings everyone back time and time and time again.


A fan favourite from the record is ‘Madness’, which features vocals from American rapper Princess Nokia. An exciting name in hip-hop and alternative music, she proves she can keep up with the heavyweights. Her mellow vocals are artistically sandwiched between screams.  it brings the truth of the song’s leading lyric: “This isn’t love, this is madness“.

There’s a charm to the scatter of featured vocals throughout ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown‘. Including Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo and Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, it shows the band pays attention and takes influence from every corner of the rock map. Taking pieces here and there keep everything fresh and alive. Fresh blood is what keeps fans wanting more, and Silverstein has it dripping from their fingers.

Diving headfirst into punk nostalgia, the band teamed up with Simple Plan for the album’s closing track, ‘Take What You Give’. A catchy beat, long melodic vocals and a tune to spark that 2000s rebel feeling. If that’s what they were aiming for, the recruitment of Simple Plan was the key to that success.

“the band pays attention and takes influence from every corner of the rock map.”

Reaching a 20th anniversary in music will always be a fantastic feat. Many bands have reached this point in their careers, and many others will. However, to get there maintaining a certain level of recognition and adoration is a different matter. With Silverstein, to stay committed to being a no-holds-barred ever-evolving act is second nature.

The competition within the alternative scene is getting greater; the fight is an increasingly tough challenge as more acts attempt to make a name for themselves. Silverstein is an example of how with time, patience and practice, it is indeed possible to win over and over and over again.





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