RATING: 8/10


Cambridgeshire’s Novastatus are a band still working on lifting off into the skies, but they are working hard by making it known what they’re goals and beliefs are within their work. Promising “diverse sounds” and “variety in style and some social commentary”, the group are already living up to these aims as they prepare to release their first ever EP: the three-song release, ‘Infrared‘.

Teasing the release on their social media and official website for weeks, it’s all shrouded in mystery now on what they’ll be planning for ‘Infrared‘. An EP that is already discussing wealth and greed, selfishness and doom with a background sound of alternative rock beats, Novastatus are heading towards notoriety with their honest and hard-hitting words.

Beginning the EP with ‘Anti-Zero’, it brings the whole thing in with a good steady beat before the guitars come in. It’s electronic and energetic; the perfect amount of British anger, hitting the maximum capacity. The song touches upon the mixed-up and confused morals of “the 1%” of the population with outrageous amounts of wealth and riches, where what’s wrong and what’s right is turned its head and confused beyond all means. This is the type of content that the band were promising to cover within their music – however, diminishing it to “some” social commentary seems like an understatement when taking in the full power the track contains, and coming to terms with the impact it can make.

“Novastatus are heading towards notoriety with their honest and hard-hitting words”

Heavy riffs, cymbal crashes, and screams of pure no-holds-barred rage is the energy the UK needs right now with the controversial happenings of the government, and it’s needed within the alternative music scene. The anger is welcome with open arms and clenched fists; can’t let the guard down for longer than a moment. Anything can happen at this point.

The title track, ‘Infrared’ is one that begins in a more chilled out manner – softer introduction with a spoken-word verse – before moving back into shouting the anger out of the lungs through the choruses. The song has questions scattered throughout the lyrics, such as, “Are you anticipating the ending?”, and there is no right answer given to these. No simple “yes” or “no” all the time. In a time where there is high emotion and intense frustration from the crumbling of society’s good standing, music can be the healthiest outlet for getting out the toxic feelings and dangerous thoughts that can isolate one from those around them. It’s necessary for people who use art and music to feel better in the worst times, and Novastatus have used their own personal take on the world and how they perceive it to make themselves feel better and more at home in the world, as well as give them that strong starting ground in their career as a band.

There is always one first impression a band can make with a fan, or within the industry, and Novastatus are thinking their impression through thoroughly. Here’s hoping everyone likes ‘Infrared‘.





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