RATING: 9/10


Over the last seven years, it’s been such a journey for British punks Milk Teeth. Ups and downs, signing up and dropping out, and finding where in this big wide industry they belong. There had to be a market for three dedicated rock musicians and their loud yet low-key tunes. Since 2013, they were hopping from label to label, trying to find the best fit; all while managing the losses and gains of members. But now as a tougher-than-nails trio, lead vocalist and bassist Becky Blomfield, guitarist Em Foster and drummer Jack Kenny are showing the world what they can achieve. And they’re so proud, they’ve named it after their own band.

Milk Teeth present to the universe… ‘Milk Teeth‘.

The first taste of the record was the single ‘Given Up’. With it’s harlequin-themed video, it became a memorable favourite among fans and little did they know, it was just the beginning. The literal beginning, as ‘Given Up’ is the track that opens the album out. It’s fun and electric – beyond the guitars – and is mixed with that classic punk feeling of controlled carelessness and artistic gloom. It’s gloom that makes a listener feel alive – it’s the magic of punk.

“that classic punk feeling of controlled carelessness and artistic gloom.”

After one hell of an introduction, it just gets better and better. And it gets no better than a literal song titled ‘Better’. The last single release before ‘Milk Teeth‘ dropped, It was given out as a present from the band to their fans, as a way to show their love and support throughout this time where public health is at risk. It’s a priority to Milk Teeth that their fans are happy and healthy; they’re well-known for holding pre-show events where people can relax, chat, create some art and take some time for themselves. This song is no different to the other tracks musically, but the use of its release to bring some relief to listeners… it’s very sweet, and very punk rock.

The most important song from the album is ‘Transparent’, which is a punk anthem for women all around the world. It’s about breaking away from being belittled and called a “silly little girl”, as Blomfield sings. In a strong forward-thinking subculture such as punk, there is still a minority of people who are stuck in the ways of the 1950s; sexist attitudes and unjustifiable expectations due to someone’s gender alone. Milk Teeth, who consist of both a female vocalist and a female guitarist, are here to be a mouthpiece for women who need a voice and can’t shout that loud on their own.

“it’s very sweet, and very punk rock.”

‘Transparent’ is a song for all women, of all walks of life, who will most likely meet with these limiting attitudes at some point. Whether from their family, or in their education, or in their field of work. It’s a very special track with a very important message, and it’s one that will never die and should never be brushed off. For all the women, especially young women within the alternative and punk scene: this is the song for you.

As mentioned before, the unpredictable journey of Milk Teeth has been a very interesting one – but also an inspiring one. A band with strong morals, undying perseverance, and the undeniable talent of legends before them.
Welcome to punk. A Milk Teeth story.





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