RATING: 7/10


Working within the hardcore scene for almost fifteen years now, San Francisco’s Loma Prieta have been taking some time to get the new era of their careers right. Writing and making music since the release of 2015’s ‘Self Portrait‘, the band have only recently been teasing what 2020 holds for them and for their fans – and that tease was the recent single ‘Continuum’.

As 2020 begins, the band have released the B-side alongside ‘Continuum’, titled ‘Fate’. This single release contains just these two tracks, but this means a lot more than just being a six minute record for the fans to play and ponder over what sounds the band will be taking on for their next LP.

Continuum b/w Fate‘ has two tracks which belong together, but definitely live with their differences and contrasting elements. Their sounds, the vocal use, the atmosphere being set throughout their plays. ‘Continuum’ comes in with a fun beat, distorted vocals, and an escalation between talk-singing and screaming down the mic – and as ‘Fate’ matches the beat and the vocal effects, there is increased power and energy within the music.

“There is something for every fan in the next era. “

There’s a different energy between the two, and it might be a sign that something major is to come within the next twelve months. This is Loma Prieta’s way of teasing that there is something coming – no doubt as they have full tracks being released to the public now – but this is how it will sound, how it will feel. Some are slightly chilled and fun, such as ‘Continuum’; but others are more thunderous and striking such as ‘Fate’. There is something for every fan in the next era.

This may bring out differing opinions within their fanbase. Some prefer one and some prefer the other. Some want more percussion-led songs and others will want winning guitar riffs and soft talk-like vocals. Loma Prieta are working to put out a record in the future that everyone will find some joy in. They’ll have favourites within the record and that’s the aim. Keep everyone satisfied in one way or another – or even get them to expand their taste and grow to love the possible diversity in the record.

Loma Prieta have something in the works, and teases and tasters are doing so much… Look out for a surprise in 2020.




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