RATING: 8/10


Chester artist Lizzy Farrall has been amazing everyone within the alternative scene with her calm, heartfelt hits over the last few years. However, she decided to shake things up a little bit with the creation of her latest release. Following on her previous EPs, she knows where she wants to go and how she can ascend within the industry. Change it up, be louder, be alive – and it works! Enter ‘Bruise.’

Priding herself on writing “quirky, honest songs that have resonated with fans across the world“, Farrall has found the best way to express her feelings and interpret it all through her favourite art form. The record opens with one of her most recent singles, ‘Addict’ and it introduces exactly what she aims for. It’s modern mainstream pop with a twist. There are no moments too soft that need turning up, or too fast-paced and loud to lose track of what’s happening within the track. ‘Addict’ uses bouncy electronic beats with the right level of energy, and Farrall’s own vocals are a standout throughout. Detailing ups and downs with soft and loud, she brings her inner-workings of life experience into a melody that will get caught in the head for a good few moments.

“It’s modern mainstream pop with a twist.”

Farrall is someone who can tell a story through her strongest weapon and her best trained instrument: her voice. She’s showing the world that her experience, combined with the renewal of her personal style, has granted her a set of skills. She can take from what learnt with this record and use it in the future. She could continue with what’s she’s establishing with ‘Bruise‘; or she could advance past this cycle and surprise the world again with an unpredictable new era.

The catchiest song from the record is ‘Games’, a song all about the need for certainty, commitment and truth in a relationship. It’s a tale of modern-day romance. The classic kind of love seems to be stuck in the golden days; 2010s dating culture seems full of misunderstanding and unfaithfulness. Farrall’s use of the lyric, “I wanna be killed by you” is a demonstration of how any attention is good attention when it’s coming from a loved one.

‘Barbados’ closes off the record. It brings together the contemporary sounds of the 2020s with nostalgic notes of the 1980s. This creates an upbeat tune, using it while tackling the topic of heartbreak. A common practice of masking unhappy lyrics with an overly happy beat, Farrall uses it in a way that makes listeners feel hopeful. There is always a happy ending; nothing stays bad forever.

“Farrall uses it in a way that makes listeners feel hopeful.”

With changing up what she was giving to the world and breathing new life into her music, Lizzy Farrall has begun her climb to the very top of the alternative scene. As she’s mastering her signature sound and the route she wishes to take throughout her music career, she’s still in her early days. If this is the beginning, then the middle will be ever so thrilling, and the end will be too far away to even think about it.

2020 has been one of ups and downs; allow Lizzy Farrall to be a voice of positiity, and welcome ‘Bruise‘ as a soundtrack of hope and fun times. Bring on the 2020s!





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