RATING: 7/10


When starting off their adventure into the music world, Manchester’s Dive South weren’t looking to adventure into heavier metal sounds. When they got together in 2017, they were looking to get together and make some pop-punk tunes for the world to enjoy; however, art is unpredictable and they ended up diving deeper into metalcore. Three years later, after the success of their 2018 EP ‘Resilience‘, they’re continuing their takeover of the genre with ‘Nerve Damage‘.

What’s fascinating about ‘Nerve Damage‘ is how natural this take on metal seems to be for the band – which can be through practice, and through talent. The EP begins with ‘Parasite’, which begins gently and beautifully with the strum of a guitar, which is a classic way of easing metal and hardcore songs in to the listeners’ ears. The whole tune can be taken as a simple but effective piece of art. For an EP which is only five tracks long, it’s important to grab some attention with the opener. This is through the styles and the lyrics working together; lyrics such as “I lost everything” are short, sweet, but they still hold the strength of a heart and mind bouncing back time and time again, fighting to keep any slithers of hope remaining.

“They’re continuing their takeover of the genre with ‘Nerve Damage‘.”

There is slight versatility from track to track on the EP, and by the time it comes to ‘Deadbeat’, there’s no more easing in or taking time. Nothing is wasted as it jumps straight in to bring the emotion burst through the seams. By this time, things are more exciting; a slow rise becomes a bolt into the air; breezy strums become striking riffs within a solo that fills the senses with feeling. Attention is no longer asked, but demanded. Words such as “I can’t let go of this” keep their power from the very beginning and it shows through how the sound hits the ear into the brain.

Dive South have been on this ongoing journey of discovery and transformation for three years, and it’s led to many unexpected turns and hard-to-dodge curveballs. It’s what happens within such an industry and when it comes to art as a whole: what’s planned and what’s to occur are two very different things, and surprises are a part of the course within music, especially when it’s bands and groups. Many ideas coming together can result in something brand new, never seen before, and possibly the next big thing within the industry – and it’s not certain just yet, but maybe that’s what Dive South are heading towards.

The evolution between ‘Resilience‘ and ‘Nerve Damage‘ already shows that they’re growing bigger and better as they bring out more songs. As they come into their own and become comfortable, the sound will become louder, the style will become smoother, and soon everyone will be listening to Dive South and what they’re offering to the world.

What could possibly follow ‘Nerve Damage‘? That’s for no one to know, and the band to find out.





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