Today is Trans Day of Visibility, which honours all transgender individuals around the world and their identities. Where male, female or outside of the binary, everyone deserves love and respect.

In honour of such a day, we’re presenting six transgender acts that deserve all the love and listens in the world! Take a look and you might possibly find your next musical obsession…


Being a part of the rock scene since 1989, vocalist Mina Caputo is best well-know as frontwoman of American metal outfit Life of Agony. She has worked with many big acts in the industry such as Within Temptation, and has continued her career as a solo musician.

Caputo came out as transgender in 2011, saying: “I no longer have this masculinity or this manhood to protect. This is a transformation I’ve been dreaming of my entire life.


Laura Jane Grace is one of the most recognisable transgender musicians in rock right now. Making a name for herself in Against Me! over the years, she’s also branched out with her own solo project Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers.

Grace came out in mid-2012 and has become one of the most outspoken trans activists in the music industry; even burning her birth certificate onstage as a protest against transphobic legislation in the United States.


A real DIY musician, John-Allison Weiss rose to fame through their honest and heartfelt lyrics of life, love and their own experiences from their teenage years onwards. They’ve worked with many well-known names in the industry, and is continually working on new pieces.

Weiss came out as non-binary in 2017, following the release of their single ‘Runaway’. Since then, they changed their project name to A.W. and currently works under this name.


Best known as the frontman for rock act The Cliks, Lucas Silveira made history in the industry by being the first openly transgender man to sign with a major record label! His music subject tends to be about his life and struggles as a trans individual.

He came out as transgender in 2004, and started hormones in 2010. He has said of his identity: “Being a person who identifies as a male in a physicality [that is] still female, and then transitioning to a male, was a very interesting thing…I still believe that somewhere in my psyche there is a place that has been conditioned and socialized to be female.


To the more folksy side of the genre, Ryan Cassata made a name for himself online with his soft sweet songs on life and growing up as a transgender man. Cassata even made history as the first openly trans musician to play at Warped Tour after winning a Battle of the Bands competition!

Best known for his activism and speaking out on transgender issues since his teenage years, Cassata is one of the first trans musicians many young people would’ve found out about. If you didn’t know about him then, you do now!


One of the most exciting new bands to be coming out of California right now, Small Talk. are more than just more bedroom jam worthy emo anthems, but are a band alongside having found support from the likes of Pierce The Veil, have been a band positive in spreading the message of making sure all shows are safe spaces. Their debut EP, ‘Drowning In Your Absence‘ is out NOW.

There are many more trans musicians out there in the industry, from rock to folk to alternative to all other genres that ever existed. Here are just a handful to check out and even if you already know them and love them, it’s as good a day as any other to praise them for their bravery and advocacy.

Happy Trans Day of Visbility!



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