As yet more festivals are cancelled, album releases are pushed back, and the consistent rescheduled tour lists goes on and on, it can no doubt begin to feel daunting about how much in danger the music industry is due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, we as an industry, musicians, fans, creatives, managers, road crew, PR, and anyone who helps music be the greatest thing to bring people together, are a community.

In a new financial scheme, UK charity, Help Musicians UK has launched a £5 million fund to help musicians who are struggling with financial hardship right now.

You can read their official statement below as well as find out about whether your eligible for the £500+ funding below.



“We understand that the impact of Coronavirus on musicians lives and careers is unprecedented, and our normal person-centred approach of Health & Welfare support needs to be boosted in this exceptional period to give as many musicians as possible immediate financial relief.

Given the magnitude of the situation, only the government can fully provide what musicians require to survive the months that lie ahead, and we are supporting the music industry campaign for meaningful help to be provided. Even if the government ultimately acknowledges and acts upon its responsibilities, there will still be a time lag before musicians receive their assistance.

Therefore, Help Musicians has set up the Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund to alleviate some of the immediate financial pressures that many professional musicians may be facing. We have created a fund of £5m to help reduce the worry many musicians are experiencing about their mounting household expenses.”


For musicians to be eligible for the one off fee of £500 towards expenses, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a professional working musician (by which they mean performer, composter / creator or directly involved in the production of music, or in work for which the main qualification is a high level of musical training).
  • You are self employed or currently unemployed.
  • You are in need of financial help.
  • You satisfy with their residency requirements
  • You are not currently in further or higher education.

To apply for the grant you can find all of the information and application process HERE.





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