In what is most likely one of the capital’s last shows for quite a while, American hardcore icons Turnstile played their final show of a cut-short European tour. Despite selling out tickets well in advance, the venue was definitely not full once the band took to the stage – most likely the coronavirus pandemic was keeping people away from large spaces, which is completely understandable given the circumstances.

Despite the less than ideal conditions however, Turnstile (8) put on a fantastic show. A 15 song set that flew by in under 45 minutes comprised of material from all of their releases, including ‘The Things You Do’ from the original 2011 Pressure To Succeed EP that established the band as more than just Brendan YatesTrapped Under Ice side project. Of course the majority of the set was taken from their biggest release to date; 2018’s Diplo aided Time & Space, which has seen them soar past the stratosphere, and closing with ‘Moon’ from that album was a choice that sent the entire crowd crazy one last time.

This might not have been Turnstile’s best ever show, but it was a well needed break from all the doom and gloom surrounding the pandemic that has dominated the news cycles of the past few weeks, and that emotion was clearly felt by the crowd who moshed as if it may be their last ever chance – which it certainly will be for several months. Let’s hope that the band and all their crew made it home safe and don’t suffer too much from having to cut their tour short, a major financial investment which has now become a problem for much of the industry. Look after yourselves, and support bands who have had their tours cut short if you can.




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