ANTI-FLAG have teamed up with activist collective INDECLINE to create their latest music video for their single, ’20/20 Vision’. The single is the title track of their recent release through Spinefarm Records.

Speaking of the song and the accompanying video, the band have said: “Taking the viewer through a history lesson of pop culture, dance moves, and the horrors of human rights atrocities and violations. The politics of distraction, the escapism of art, the crumbs of capitalism that make people apathetic instead of empathetic, all of it plays into our ability to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.

When we found the activist/artist commune of INDECLINE, we knew we had found the folks with the visual capacity to execute this idea and tell the story. We are all held prisoner. Forced to fake joy in the escape. While the environmental, racial, economic injustice unfolds behind us. Another world is possible.

Watch the video for ’20/20 Vision’ below!



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