Breathe in the new age of music. Wargasm have landed. Straight out of a 90’s sci-fi film, and rapidly stapling their mark on the new decade with a hell of a lot of safety-pins; Milkie Way and Sam Matlock are a duo to keep your eyes and ears on. With only two tracks released, and a few tours under their belt, Wargasm made an impressive blood-stain on the tail end of 2019. Discovered sat down with the pair to find out all things WAR.

The band came about very naturally, Milkie explained “ I used to run a blog called Girl In The Pit, pretty self-explanatory, and I shot Sam’s old band a few times. We became close through that, had a few drinking sessions together and realised that we both had a deep appreciation for the often shit-on genre that is nu metal. Then again, everyone loves Limp Bizkit at 3am.” The message of the band is clear, Sam brushes off that they are against “everything benign, or soul-less that takes itself too seriously.”

“…Then again, everyone loves Limp Bizkit at 3am.”

In conversation about their first two singles, “Post-Modern Rhapsody” and “God Of War”, Sam revealed “we wanted to drop these two first because, of everything we’d written, they felt like the first proper Wargasm songs.” A wall of riffs, screams and a critique on modernity, he continues “Post-Modern was a concept I wanted to share with people about autonomy and feeling disconnected in the digital world… It involved more snarling jokes and pop culture references so it felt truer to our personalities.” The prized pop-culture putdown in the track is a stroke of genius, ‘I was never programmed to show compassion for some f***ing Kardashian’. However, “God Of War was inspired by someone I work with, and the idea of them just snapping and murdering everyone from how shitty Joe-Jobs are. It’s fun, pissy and riffy as fuck!”

Visually and sonically fresh, Wargasm take stylistic influence from “films like Dune, Bladerunner, Akira and Evangelion,” Sam mentioned, “for me, those films bring up thoughts and those thoughts have sounds. Sometimes those soundtracks have brutally emotional clashing notes in them that just have to be turned into sludgy guitar riffs. I’m a big sci-fi nerd.” Milkie added “Musically, I love contrast within songs. I feel like our strong point falls in there too… contrasting vocals are a big influence for me and is something I think about when we write. Fashion wise, I love the influence of cock rock and glam rock. Motley Crue always looked sick! There’s nothing I hate more than when a band comes out in black jeans and black t-shirts. No tea, no shade.”

“There’s nothing I hate more than when a band comes out in black jeans and black t-shirts. No tea, no shade.”

Launching the band with a European and UK tour with Airways, Sam explained “We played our first live show together in Paris. Now, Wargasm will always belong to Europe.” With crazy tour stories to boot, such as “a sound engineer had a go at us for breaking his monitors – it wasn’t us, it was the crowdsurfing kids head obliterating it whilst shouting BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.” Milkie added, “My mum texted me once to tell me she was cleaning the kitchen, randomly turned on Radio 1 and God of War was playing and she lost her shit! That was pretty surreal. Some kid in Prague asked me to write the Wargasm logo on his chest and he got it tattooed the next day… That was our sixth ever show!”

Collaborating and writing with artists such as Jamie Lenman, Sam explained “Everyone used to be so uptight about ‘real’ bands writing their own songs. The attitude is shifting now, and collaboration is so fun. The  Jamie session was set up by my friend Stefan from The Midnight Beast. Fucking weird mix of people. They’re both geniuses in their own right. You’ll totally

understand if/when we drop the track!”

“I was never programmed to show compassion for some fucking Kardashian”.

When asked about their plans for new music this year, Milkie said “ Very soon. Start preparing yourself now. Direct quote from the dude who mixed the track: ‘It sounds like Hell!’” with Sam adding, “It’s time to show both our visual, and our heavier side. @Pharrell.” For those who have seen the band live, you know what is coming, for those who haven’t, be prepared!

Milkie commented on their year ahead nodding to their upcoming festival appearances saying “2000 Trees is my favourite UK festival. Also playing on the same day as The Distillers at Download is like… a highlight of my life. I’m Irish so I can’t wait to play a festival on the motherland!”

In a fitting farewell to Discovered, when asked if there was anything else they would like to add, Sam and Milkie in unison both blurted out “Hey, what the hell, what you want me to say? I won’t lie, that I can’t deny I did it all, for the nookie.”

Wargasm have the charisma. They have the sound. They have tours with Holding Absence, Static Dress and Creeper coming up alongside legendary festival appearances; expect to hear a load more from these two in the next twelve months.

Get ready for blood. Get ready for war!




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