Graphic Nature are not a happy band. This is a group fuelled “purely through our own fuck ups and insecurities” and powered by sheer rage. Their self-described genre is “if existential crisis met addiction and decided they wanted to make music together,” and the band have been making waves in the UK underground despite only having three published songs to their name.

Formed from ex-members of Cove, the band have been incredibly active in the short time they have been together, having toured with the likes of Palm Reader and Lock & Key and are now gearing up for their first co-headline tour alongside ferocious post-hardcore crew Creature – including a stop at London’s iconic New Cross Inn. These are impressive dates for a band with such sparse releases under their belt, however vocalist Harvey Freeman insists that this dearth of material is on purpose and suggests there is plenty of material hidden away, saying: “We spent over a year prior to the band’s release just writing material and recording til we were happy. There’s no point releasing an album first thing just to be forgotten next week. We have plenty more to come.”

“I love seeing people’s reactions to Graphic Nature when we’re supporting a bigger act.”

Graphic Nature are unlike most other bands on the touring circuit, and sometimes strike a polarising figure, with Freeman stating “I love seeing people’s reactions to Graphic Nature when we’re supporting a bigger act. They either fucking love it or have no idea what to do.” Confusion is a natural reaction when faced with the sheer sensory onslaught that Graphic Nature provide, however chaos tends to prevail – especially when confined within the intimate venues that the band have been inhabiting recently.

Deftones have been a prevailing influence on Graphic Nature from their inception, with their very name coming from the track of the same name on 2012’s Koi No Yokan, and it is clear from the riffs and the power of the instrumentals contrasted with Freeman’s vocal performance elicit comparisons to Chino Moreno’s harsher work. Their admiration for the American metal pioneers is obvious, and the band freely admit that they “wouldn’t turn down a tour with Deftones, Korn, Slipknot or Limp Bizkit.”

“It’s good to aim high. I’d love for us to become someone’s all-time favourite band.”

This is a band with big ambitions but a modest nature (despite the name), summing up their aims by saying “we just enjoy playing music together,” however “if [Graphic Nature] evolves into anything more than what it already is, then we’d have accomplished more than we expected already!” They are not content with just mediocrity though, feeling that “It’s good to aim high. I’d love for us to become someone’s all-time favourite band. That’s like the biggest fucking compliment any working band could ask for in my eyes.”

When asked to sum the band up in one sentence Freeman turned to the modern-day messiah that is Super Hans and uttered the legendary phrase: “What we need to do is create a powerful sense of dread.” Dread is something that Graphic Nature have in spades, as long as they continue to remember “the longer the note, the more dread.”




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