RATING: 7/10


Indie outfit Echosmith have been through a lot throughout the 2010s. Forming in 2009, they’d spent the following details reaching for their dreams and achieving many feats – including the release of their debut album ‘Talking Dreams‘ in 2013 – and they were on their way up. Higher and higher they rose, and the end wasn’t anywhere in sight.

The band consists of three siblings and they’ve been working in the industry over the last ten years to get to a point where they can be a little more adventurous. Beyond the release of the debut record, they went straight to work on the follow-up; and seven years later, ‘Lonely Generation‘ is all set for public release and the band are ready to hear what the public thinks about their hard work and talents at use.

The title track opens the album, beginning calmly and softly before kicking in to a down-beat tune. It’s fun and gentle, but still having that catchy element with the percussion beats and the vocal harmonies from the members. There’s no hidden message or subliminal voice to cut and look into; it’s just a bright track to bop along to, and sometimes that’s enough in a song.

“Each track is on a different level from each other…”

One of the singles, ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’ has more of an electronic tone to it. A fusion of indie with a more mainstream sound – from vocal effects to dance aspects being thrown into the melody. It’s sweet and easy to dance to, and it’s a song that’ll get many people doing just that, and without any shame or restraint. Or here’s hoping at least.

Each track is on a different level from each other; but not in the sense that they don’t belong together on the listing for the album. It’s more like the band are showing they have a sound they’re good at using and have improved upon since their formation. Major differences and versatility isn’t always a guarantee to make a record a success, and Echosmith are aware of such a fact. With ‘Love You Better’, the tone is altered and the melody hits in such a contrasting way compared to what came before it on the album. And the intention is felt, but luckily not overbearing.

“The development from ‘Talking Dreams‘ to ‘Lonely Generation‘  is a natural progression for the three-piece.”

Lonely Generation‘ was shaped from Echosmith’s lessons and experiences from the industry, and using it to develop beyond the release of ‘Talking Dreams‘. Within seven years, practice makes perfect and perspective changes and gets shaken up through what’s seen, felt, and heard by every member involved in the process of writing, recording and playing live. The development from ‘Talking Dreams‘ to ‘Lonely Generation‘  is a natural progression for the three-piece.

Echosmith are taking their time with their journey in music, but if it works then why speed it up and ruin the process they have going? Fans are going to need their patience, but at least they’ll get their payoff. And then some.




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