RATING: 7.5/10


It’s 2020 and it’s time to accept that alternative music needs to be mainstream again. The 2000s was a decade where the alternative rock and pop-punk acts found themselves on the radio and all over the television, especially around the United States; the goal for the 2020s is to bring this energy back, and it looks like Cloverdale might be the earliest sign that this is to become a reality.

Coming together from South Jersey and Philadelphia, the six-piece collective have been working together over the past few years to work on this debut release. Giving two sneak peeks in 2019, they’re celebrating the new decade with ‘All I’ll Ever Be‘, showing off to the world what they’re capable of doing within the industry.

“it’s exciting to think what the band will bring next to prove themselves further”

The EP begins with one of their singles, ‘Disposable’, which is a more upbeat track and captures the sound of the scene. A sound as old as time, it feels, but shall never be retired. It sets the tone and pace for the EP, and prepares the listener for the journey that’s about to be had. A track that balances between soft and heartstring-pulling, and loud and fun-loving, ‘Disposable’ is the only track on the five-track listing that could’ve made such a suitable first impression among new fans.

’35’ leads the EP, as being the first single and being the middle track placed between what preceded and what follows. A touching number about self-destruction and depression, and the aim of keeping steady and level-headed to survive life. It’s possibly the best song on the EP, and the best song Cloverdale have released so far in their career; it hits the ear right, the tone is not too subtle and yet not over the top, and the use of guitar within the outro is what grants the track such high status. It’s one small example of the musical talent contained within this band – and if one fragment can give a view into that, it’s exciting to think what the band will bring next to prove themselves further.

“Cloverdale know how to form a record: the tone was consistent, the rhythms were steady”

Closing off the EP is ‘Mourn’, which is what sounds like the one taking the most influence from alternative acts of the past. The ones that rose into the skies within the 1990s and 2000s, and maybe never rose that high again, but still shone bright and got noticed for their abilities. Within ‘Mourn’, it’s established that Cloverdale know how to form a record: the tone was consistent, the rhythms were steady, and the sound and style was one that they knew they’d love and knew the listeners would love too!

Working on the elements from bands such as Sum 41 and Blink-182, it could be taken as a way to signal that they have this huge career ahead of them. Maybe they’re the ones to watch over in the 2020s, and could become the next big thing in the scene. No one knows – all there is to do is watch, and hope.



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