Bands are always striving to be something different, whether for themselves or for the sake of inspiring individuality in others. With acts like N.E.R.D. and The Prodigy, it was their originality that inspired London duo Nova Twins to pursue their own style. “They didn’t try to conform or sound like anyone else,” vocalist Amy Love said of the two acts in particular. “They had their own sound, which is something that we have always worked towards.”

Nova Twins’ style came from “somewhere between” their personal favourites, mixed in with high energy and strong emotion. Love has guessed that it all comes from “anger, determination, wanting something more than what’s been put in front of us and wanting to question what we have been told”, while bassist Georgia South says it’s to give a more accurate representation of the minority within rock and alternative communities.

“It comes from a place of having to prove ourselves, shouting a little louder because of the way we look,” she explains. “We feel we need to put on a sick show to obliterate any negative perceptions of people in minority groups playing in the rock scene.”

“It comes from a place of having to prove ourselves, shouting a little louder because of the way we look”

As a band presenting what they describe as “a 21st century take on rock”, it’s only expected that some people will be divided on their views and their sound. Something different will always cause a stir within music; whether it’s structure, instrument use, vocal use or even down to aesthetics and imagery. According to the duo, they’ve mostly received backlash over accusations of being “manufactured”.

“We’ve had comments from men about our look before, saying that we’re manufactured, as we like to dress in colourful clothes. They assume that we’re going to be a pop band.” They both have to laugh at the accusations. Love adds: “We get some weird comments from old men saying that we’re manufactured or some bullshit like that…we make our clothes, direct and make the set for our music videos, have been a band for years and have done things in our own way since the beginning.”
At the end of the day, when all is said and done… “We don’t waste our breath on small-minded mansplainers.”

Nova Twins are two of the most outspoken figures in rock right now, and have shared their praise for the diversity of festival line-ups in more recent times. When asked about how rock music has improved over the years, they shared their favourite improvement: an increase in female musicians playing festivals.
“It was pretty non-existent back then but now you have some festivals, like 2000Trees, who make an effort to have an evenly split bill.”
Love has said that it’s “amazing” to see more inclusivity within music: “Things are changing and the genre is becoming more inclusive and open minded…[it’s] what it needs in order to thrive.”

In 2019, Nova Twins were chosen by Dr. Martens to be the face of their A/W campaign. According to the duo, the opportunity granted was “just luck”.

“Things are changing and the genre is becoming more inclusive and open minded…[it’s] what it needs in order to thrive.”

South said both of them are really into the brand. “We’re been Dr. Martens fans since we were young! It was so surreal being the face of such an iconic brand, one that we wear everyday.”

Many brands such as Dr. Martens have been accused of using musicians and rock acts to help them sell their merchandise; along with brands such as Vans and Converse. Marketing to what’s still seen as a niche group can be a way for a brand to gain profit – but Nova Twins came to squash that rumour with Dr. Martens.
“They’re super supportive – and I’m not even saying that because we were the face of the brand,” South comments. “They put on gigs in their showroom for up and coming bands and promoted them hard…They just love discovering fresh acts.”
Love also states the cold truth: “More brands should get behind music and art that they simply like, not just because their stats look good!”

The only way is up for the duo, it seems, as they have their debut album ‘Who Are The Girls?‘, coming out in February and are embarking on an album tour from March through to May. The album has been described as their “coming-out party” and they are hoping it’ll make listeners feel “empowered and badass”. When it comes to playing live, it seems there’s one focus in mind: the fans. South is most excited to “meeting all the people who’ve been supporting us online” and getting to know everyone face-to-face, while Love is excited to “share” the new music with everyone.

With the fans being the main focus, they wish to spread one message: “Do what you want to do, not what you think people want you to do.”

It’s a Nova world, and everyone’s living in it.



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