Right now it seems like the world is on the brink of imploding. Brexit, Iran, human rights seem non existent. But one band is determined, through learning from the heroes of the past, and on a cinematic level, to give back the power to the people. And that band is LØE.

First off your band seems to have a very political streak to it. Do you believe that any band of any scale can make a change? After all they say that change starts at the ground level… 

We never set out with the intention of providing a political narrative. First came ideas for the music. It’s a combination of our influences and musical experiences. We wanted to use speech samples to reflect humanity. Within that and throughout popular culture politics naturally plays a part in history, in culture and in human nature. The aim was more to create emotion and mood through the use of speech and we hope that the narrative within our music can interpreted in different ways.

We do believe that music and the creators of it can make a difference. Music shapes culture and culture shapes music. It reflects society and it can be used to make a difference. It can be used to raise awareness, to give a voice to those don’t have one.”

Secondly do you feel now more than ever, especially in our current political client, that it is important for all people with a platform to speak up? 

We are firm believers in freedom of will (as long you are not harming others). It’s admirable and courageous when people who have a platform use it to speak out but equally people should be allowed to enjoy art in any form without having to find a deeper meaning. More people do need to speak out and if people take that from our music that is fantastic but we don’t believe in shaming anyone who just wants to create and express themselves in different ways.”

“It can be used to raise awareness, to give a voice to those don’t have one.”

In your track, People Have The Power, you have John Lennon giving a speech over the top. Do you feel that our generation is finally deciding it is them who is going to make a change? 

We hope so. Changes starts with small movements. I think awareness is much greater. Information is so accessible, people are getting informed and I think people are ready to make a change. The affect of these changes is yet to be seen but it’s inspiring to see so many people fighting for what they believe in and using their voice to fight for something better for all of us.”

For each track of the EP you also went on to have famous speeches, from Winston Churchill to Lennon, dubbed with it. What inspired this idea? 

“Speech and spoken word can be so powerful. Some of the inspiration came from the idea of being able to have a voice, quite literally, to our music but to also be able to use that voice to say things in ways that music alone sometimes can’t. It felt like a natural progression to us within our music. We spent a lot of time researching different speakers and different narratives. We pull bits out that resonate with us or resonate with the emotion behind the music. Again I think the music always came first. The line we have had to walk is when to use speech and when to hold back and let the music speak.”

They often say that actions speak louder than words, but do you find that at times it can rather be the opposite? 

Both are equally important. Sometimes a voice can inspire actions. Sometimes actions can inspire words.

“Sometimes actions can inspire words.”

There is a rather cinematic sound at times to this record, was this intentional? 

We spent countless hours in our rehearsal room jamming and writing. I think initially we had no idea what would come out but over time we’ve found a sound we are really proud of. It was never our main intention to develop a sound like that specifically but things seemed to click in to place and we have taken what was working for us and developed it. For example we have incorporated a full visual / video element as a backdrop to our music. We play live to those visuals synced to the music which has again really developed that cinematic dynamic.

Do you feel that by doing this, and creating a documentation of pop culture, that you have enabled this record to become timeless? 

Who knows how our music will age. It would be immensely humbling if it were to stand that test of time but I think what has been more eye opening for us is that some of the messages within the speeches we have used are still as relevant today as they were 60 years ago.

Finally, what is the ultimate goal of Loe, where do you want this to go? 

Most importantly we want to make music that we enjoy, that we have fun writing and playing. That was always our first goal. But we always hoped our songs would find a place somewhere out there. We want to make music that connects people. I guess our ultimate goal is to take this as far as we possibly can. For all of us it’s our biggest passion. We’ve all dreamt of those big stages.”

The Self Titled EP is out THIS FRIDAY. 



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