Over the lasr 12 months Chester’s very own Lizzy Farrall, has declared that she is more than just an alternative artist who’s lyrics speak to thousands of people, she’s relatable, honest and many fans resonate with her. Over the last 12 months she released her debut EP, ‘Barbados’ with many uplifting beats and infectious choruses, it’s one that speaks her mind, and shows that she isn’t phased about what people think, which is so important, especially in today’s society.

When entering the music industry, you always get labels thrown at you because of a certain style of music you create. But for Lizzy, it’s different as she feels that it’s much more than just a genre. ‘’ I want to write music that can express how I’m feeling, like a playlist. Pop music is essentially is just someone gets an idea and four other people get the same idea. I mean yeah, it can make everything sound the same, but I think if you do that tastefully and sort of in your own way, it works. That’s what I want to do, I don’t want to tie myself down to a certain genre.’’

Speaking about ‘Barbados’ and how intertwining different sounds can create something magical she tells us, “there are some songs on the album that are definitely old pop, there’s one song that’s got almost metalcore elements, but in synth we used a lot of industrial sound. But then there’s some on there that are straight up duet, cheese pop, that’s what I like. So for me, I’m singing in a really blunt way, but for other people they can interpret it into the way they want, that’s kind of the idea.’’

Creating an anthology is one of the biggest highlights of any musician’s career, finding inspiration can often be hard, but Lizzy’s is so meaningful, and one that can sometimes be unexpected.. ‘’So the title Barbados comes from the rehabilitation centre in Barbados where Amy Winehouse was, it’s basically about looking at yourself in this picture, like a mirrored image, but you seeing yourself as something completely different to what you’re trying to portray. So when it talks about second home in Barbados, it may seem like she’s going away, but really she’s going to the rehabilitation centre there.’’

And whilst so often pop seems to be a selling point for commercialism, for Lizzy it’s about taking a more open approach. ‘’I think there are so many pop artists who sing about real shit, I think the 1975 do it so well.” She smiles. “They do these really deep meaningful verses and then they have these catchy choruses, which get in your head.’’

“People change, people change every single day.”

Over the last 12 months Lizzy has been taking her new shade of purple to new places, and while touring with the likes of Can’t Swim and Microwave may be highlights of her last 12 months, there was also a reality that came with it. “You’re constantly on tour, your so up and down, from one extreme to another.” She sighs. “You don’t know how your going to feel in the next five minutes on tour, anything could go wrong, because your always on this tight schedule.” But much like the emotional twists and turns of the EP she’s quick to smile and approach the subject with optimism. “Powering yourself to go through lack of sleep, not always great food, your sat in places for long periods of time, like in a van or at the venue because you can’t leave because you’ve got stuff. You don’t really get alone time and it’s hard, but it’s also worth it.”

Whilst her pop tracks are something to be admired, it’s her personality, one that is honest and open that has allowed her to glow the most in comparison to her other British musical counterparts. “People change, people change every single day.” She shrugs. “If I want the next album to be like a full on house record,well then I’m going to do it. I’ve changed so much as a person, as a musician, I don’t feel like there are boundaries anymore”.

It’s this change that has allowed Lizzy to grow, and with it becoming one of the most unique gems in the current wave of British music, and with it painting our nation her own shade of purple.






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