2019 was an INCREDIBLE new year for new music, but as we go into a new decade we look to the future, and with it those who are going to shape the musical landscape once more. Check out below 21 new artists you need to know in 2020.


From: Melbourne | For Fans Of: Deez Nuts, Limp Bizkit 

Now we know that’s a weird combination of influences, but hear us out. If you want that tongue in cheek humour, cockiness, and overall ‘fuck yeah’ attitude that allowed Limp Bizkit to dominate in the last decade, well this is what the new decade is calling for. Add in the blistering hardcore sounds of fellow Aussies Deez Nuts, and a ‘don’t take it serious’ attitude and you get Dregg.


From: Bristol | For Fans Of: Thrice, Holding Absence 

Big emotionally driven choruses, and an awe inspiring live performance, Winchester are quickly becoming crowned as one of THE new artists to be keeping an eye on in the next 12 months. An orchestral sized ability to bring out anthems, latest single, Line Up demonstrates this band’s ability to break boundaries by blending genres together.

3 – Y!KES!

From: Birmingham | For Fans Of: Young Guns, The Dirty Nil 

Certainly one of the most fun bands we’ve worked with over the last year, Y!KES have a go hard or go home attitude, which mixed with some seriously flammable guitar licks, and one of the most unique voices we’ve ever heard, creates one of the most epic new discoveries to check out this decade.


From: Sydney, Australia | For Fans Of: The Devil Wears Prada 

Sometimes a genre will go in circles, but only for someone to then reinvent it and raise the bar. The band that are taking the early metalcore sounds to a new level are none other than Australia’s Isotopes. Having already toured the likes of Japan as well as gaining attention on their home soil, Isotopes brag of the same big choruses that had us all flocking to see A Day To Remember, blended against the same ear turning licks and melodies of the likes of The Devil Wears Prada.


From: Covina, California | For Fans Of: Movements 

There must be something in the airs of California at the moment, and whilst there are half a dozen bands we’d be able to list, not many come close to Calmgrove. Having released their debut EP, Light On Your End, late last year, their heart felt, honest, and human release  feels like it’s on the precipice of true greatness, and with it it’s creators.


From: Brighton, UK | For Fans Of: Pantera, Malevolence 

During the last half of the previous decade we began to see the return of more metallic forms of hardcore seeping back into our national scene. Malevolence had already taken the crown of taking this influence and merging it with beatdown, and with this left a gap for the flood gate to open for those to take the place of newcomer. However, as the flood gate opened not many turned our heads the same way as this Brighton outfit did. A seriously heavy barrage of jaw dropping riffs, scorching vocals, and making us want to flip over our office desks, Stone Hand are more than just the newcomer, they’re here to dominate the UK when their debut release drops next month.


From: London | For Fans Of: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 

With a sound that tips off the 90s, Wargasm are far from vintage, but riding the new wave right into the future. A political masterpiece for the voices of today, this dual two piece are going to be having us bang our heads and dance the night away right into 2021. These are the anthems of the youth.


From: Liverpool | For Fans Of: Idols, Slaves 

After being crowned the royalty of new music by us last year, and with having also released one of our top releases of 2019 in the form of the self titled, Queen Zee, record (their now former band), Zee Davine has become comparable to the likes of Warhol in their creative vision, and a time capsule of what 21st century punk is well and truly about. If you’re looking to yell along at the top of your lungs to one of the most enigmatic, ferocious, and energetic musicians this side of history then look no further.


From: Leeds | For Fans Of: The Used, Blood Youth, Refused 

Having opened for the likes of Creeper, and with tours for this year with the likes of Counterparts, Static Dress are becoming one of the most explosive and important new bands to be shaping the future of British music. Blistering post hardcore that makes even the coldest of hearts wrench.

10 – CIPHER 

From: Manchester | For Fans Of: Emmure 

This. Will. Slap. You. Hard. Having been discovered by yours truly early last year, we knew from the word ‘Go’ that Cipher would be something special. Whilst we can still tip our hats off to the likes of Josh Travis, it seems that the aforementioned influence may turn heads away, but Cipher are restoring the technical blend of metal, deathcore, and tech metal into something on an entirely new epic scale. An absolutely punishing sound, that loads on a zeal of crushing breakdowns.


FROM:  The South, UK | For Fans Of: Trapped Under Ice, Rotting Out 

Hardcore has simply exploded over the last decade. But, as all genres do, with a new wave comes the possibility of drowning in the same, 1,2 ,3 cookie cutter sounds that are re-appropriated time and time again. But Vision Quest have been building an island of catchy hardcore. Delivering a powerful and energetic live show, with that chugging and power riffing sound that made hardcore such a great, and timeless genre.

12 – weaklings

FROM: Boston, MA | FOR FANS OF: Alkaline Trio, Creeper

Punk never died. Let’s get that straight. But like all important, and staple genres, it’s changed and reinvented itself with every passing decade. Having already received praise from the likes of Creeper, Weaklings produce meticulously crafted, and heart felt punk that will hold us all in suspense as we wait for their debut release.


FROM: Sydney| FOR FANS OF: Northlane, Polaris

Whilst this metalcore outfit is only just starting out, the potential that has shone through burns brightly. A miscellany of all variations of metal with a tinge of melodic hardcore, Broken Earth are here to inform us that downunder is quickly becoming THE stomping ground for heavy music in 2020.

14 – cloverdale

FROM: New Jersey, USA | FOR FANS OF: Neck Deep, The Wonder Years

One of the catchiest new discoveries of the last 12 months, the New Jersey pop punk outfit remind us just why this genre stands the test of time, despite how weathered it can be at times. Mass sing along choruses, and a guarantee that single, Disposable, will be stuck in your head straight from the first listen, Cloverdale are a band that deserve to be heard on a global scale. Honest angst driven lyrics on a beautifully structured musical backdrop,  Cloverdale are one of the most positive new bands to come around within pop punk for a very long time.

15 – HORLA 

FROM: Manchester, UK | FOR FANS OF: Muse, Black Keys

Stadium sized rock seems to be something of the past, or mere flashes in the pan that is the British rock scene. However, the Manchester outfit’s enigmatic, fiery, and anti-propaganda inspired rock anthems are reviving the sounds that made the likes of Muse massive. If you want to have you own, ‘I saw them when they started out’ moments before this band dominates the airwaves, then check out Horla as soon as possible.

16 – DLVRR 

FROM: Lincoln, UK | FOR FANS OF: Architects, While She Sleeps

As the British metal scene continues to take over our now major sized venues it leaves an important gap to be filled, and that’s exactly what we predict for the Lincoln outfit. Latest single,  Fallen Star boasts of melodic yet brilliantly techical melodies, that combined with a seriously atmospheric sound, and roaring level of heaviness becomes a barrage of metallic brutality.


FROM: Philadelphia, PA | FOR FANS OF: State Champs, Real Friends

Big sunny choruses, and passionate sing alongs, Midfield are a reminder that pop punk is still yet to reach it’s prime. Mirroring the likes of New Found Glory and State Champs, the Philadelphia outfit have been getting heads turning and bopping across the US of A these last 12 months. Fists in the air euphoria, and stage dive galore, Midfield brag of some of the catchiest, and infectious pop punk anthems around.


FROM: North East, UK | FOR FANS OF: Alexisonfire, The Chariot 

Delivering a sweltering level of chaos with their debut single, Vagabondage, the North East self proclaimed, “Riff & Roll” does exactly what it says on the tin. Pull the lid off and within seconds you’re swamped in a riff ridden, chaotically wonderous, and face pounding level of punk meets post hardcore mayhem that will have you hitting repeat as you wonder, ‘what just happened?’.


FROM: Oxford, UK | FOR FANS OF: Twin Atlantic, Don Broco

Letting the good times roll seems to the ethos of Oxford’s Lake Acacia. Whilst they’re down to get deep with their lyrical content, they sure do want to spread the positivity in radio worthy rock anthems. Oh and did we forget to mention that their live show is just as MASSIVE as their on record sound? A band not to miss, this is the defiant sound of the future of British rock music.


FROM: San Diego, California | FOR FANS OF: Citizen, Hundredth

A dreamscape of melodies, and twinkling vocals, Lost Dakota are a strong contender of new artists to check out under the Californian sunshine this year. Heart felt lyrics are set against a colourful palette of self proclaimed, ‘noise’, which gives each release it’s own unique and wonderful sense of surprise, Lost Dakota are far from lost, but have found their own unique sound that has been crafted by integrity and honesty.







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