RATING: 9/10


In 2020, genres seem to be more flexible than ever. Punk and metal and alternative change with every band coming up, with every new song being put out, and with every record being made in the studio. This has been the case for many years, over the last few decades, but it’s now time for another band to shake things up and bring out the best of both worlds when it comes to punk and metal, and grime and rap. Enter PENGSHUi.

PENGSHUi are a London group, formed by three musicians with a great collective experience within the industry and a shared love of everything grime and alternative. After their first single in the summer of 2018, the band have been focusing on their debut effort, making it the best to their ability and working their underground magic – and here it is!

“brings out the best of the two corners of the music industry”

The record brings out the best of the two corners of the music industry. Grime is considered one of London’s most famous offerings to the world and PENGSHUi have managed to juggle it with striking guitar chords, and screams and growls. The record’s opener, ‘Wickedest Ones’ begins with a loud strike of the guitar before going into something that a local would hear in a nightclub at 2am, when the party is non-stop and there’s no slowing down in sight.

The band’s first single from the record, ‘Nobody Cares’ is what bonds the two genres into one: the feelings of isolation and loneliness, and the twisting and turning to make it pride and independence. Later on in the record, in tracks such as ‘No Joke’ and ‘Rise’, there’s a sense of cockiness that comes out through lyrics that discourage critical voices, hatefulness, and an increased eagerness to rise up, succeed, and stick a middle finger to those who thought they would get nowhere near achieving those goals.

“bonds grime with punk”

PENGSHUi managed to put into this record exactly what bonds grime with punk. The anger, the confidence, and the “just you wait and see” attitude that leads many bands in these fields to succeed and go down in history as some of the most influential acts to ever take to the stage and make a difference.

It’s exciting to think about this band – and their style – taking over the London scene and inspiring other musicians to take similar leaps of faith. It’s true after all: London does grime best.





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