RATING: 8/10


2019 was a year or working and recording for Nottingham’s Miscreant. Whether they were on the stage, or in the studio, they took their time with putting together their EP and making it one for everyone to be proud of. Themselves, their producers, their friends and families; and especially their fans. Having a following which is growing every day, with every single released, they knew they had an audience to listen out for whatever they choose to add on the EP. In December of 2019, the band released ‘Dancing With Fear‘, a four-track EP which can be used as the outcome of their hard work and their collective creativity.

“The chemistry stands out, and the talents mix together to form something fascinating and personal”

Containing two singles, ‘Out of Place’ and ‘Agony’, it was already teased and tasted by fans throughout 2019 but there were still surprises to be had. The versatility of the group was given through the pair of singles: one being a strong, powerful mix that welcomes the fans to “a story” that is to be told throughout the EP; the other taking a more melodic and smooth approach when fading in, increasing the suspense and refusing to compromise the levels of power and emotion from the one that came before it.

The chemistry stands out, and the talents mix together to form something fascinating and personal. This plays throughout the four tracks, and as the EP concludes with ‘Sickness’, the factors increase and the senses are overloaded in the best and most eerie way. Jumping and diving between being loud and unavoidable, and being quiet and fearful, the story fades out in a way that makes the listener want to know how it ends, what happens beyond the end, and when to expect the sequel to get every unanswered question.

“2020 might be a big year for Miscreant.”

Echoing into the quiet, Miscreant have made an EP that leave listeners wanting more and more, and gaining a need to see what the band come up with in 2020. Something new? Something similar? Nothing at all? They’re the only ones who can answer these, and can answer them in any words or format they wish to. It’s a game of patience at this point but one thing can be promised. They have new fans, and they have these fans hooked on their style.

2020 might be a big year for Miscreant. Just have to sit back, try and relax, and wait.




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