RATING: 9/10


After releasing a two-track that created such an interest, excitement and anticipation for its follow up, it was beginning to be a worry when a whole year had gone by and Birmingham’s Cauldron had released absolutely no new music since giving the world two immensely fierce songs. Yes, the band had been playing to packed rooms up and down the UK and made their way to mainland Europe, but fresh material was something that fans were enthusiastically hoping for but there was no sign of it existing anytime soon.

With the bar set very high, a lengthy gap between music and an opportunity to take the band to greater heights all being factors around this release, the bands long-awaited and third EP is nothing short of a metalcore masterpiece that is so violent, so well crafted, an essential listen for any fan of heavy music and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

“nothing short of a metalcore masterpiece”

‘Last Words: Screamed From Behind God’s Muzzle’ begins with a thunderous introduction, the track “A Reprisal” is a tension building breakdown and the perfect way to set the tone for the beautiful creative nightmare that awaits in the next five songs.

The two following tracks make you run to check your calendar to see if it is actually 2020, as songwriting on this EP sounds as if it was written and recorded in 2005, playing homage to bands from the early days of metalcore such as Bleeding Through, Poison The Well, I Killed The Prom Queen and The Devil Wears Prada. Cauldron knows exactly how to channel their influences and produce a progressive modern display of hard-hitting music that will honestly turn every venue this band play upside down and leave an audience wanting to paint the floor red.

“a fascinating display of heavy music that is refreshing to indulge in”

Track four is the highlight of the EP, “F.Y.S” features Phaze two and ex Stranded vocalist Dan Wilson and is a never-ending display of groove from the soaring guitars over a driving rhythm section from Bass player Perry Wattis and Drummer Zak Jenkins. The vocal performance on this is also outstanding from Frazer Cassling, the passionate presentation is an excellent expression from a vocalist who is truly at the top of his game.

‘Last Words: Screamed From Behind God’s Muzzle‘ is excellent, it is a fascinating display of heavy music that is refreshing to indulge in. Cauldron is the most exciting heavy band in the UK at the moment and this EP will see them reach success across the globe.







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