Having been named our ARTIST OF THE YEAR for 2019, it seems that pop meets rock artist, LIZZY FARRALL has become an unstoppable force when it comes to her creative outlets.

Now having announced her debut record, Bruise, due 27th March through Pure Noise, Lizzy Farrall has dropped yet another mind bending video in the form of new single, Addict.

“The video depicts an extreme obsession with someone, going so far as to kidnap them at gunpoint out of a desire to control and possess them.” Explains Farrall.

And the reoccurrence of the white rabbit?

“The white rabbit mask, a recurring theme in my visuals, is a more ambiguous symbol, evoking the idea of another-worldly guiding figure – like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or Frank from Donnie Darko – while also being a more personal metaphor for a journey of rebirth. The ending reflects how self-destructive and damaging
these obsessions can be.”




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