BURY TOMORROW have pleased fans with some big news: they’ll be releasing their next record, ‘Cannibal’ later this year!

Cannibal’ is scheduled for release on 3rd April through Music For Nations and Sony Records. Alongside this revelation, the band have also dropped a single of the same name.

Speaking about the record, vocalist Dani Winter Bates has stated this one is very important to him and the band: “This album is for me as well as for the fans.

For some people, it’ll be a hard listen. But I thought I have to do this. If I’m going to go in, I’m going to go in. I’m not doing something half-arsed. There is nothing lyrically I would change on this entire album.

Bates also explained the title of the record: “The term ‘cannibal’ refers to being eaten away by your own thoughts but also eaten away by other humans. We’re not kind to ourselves, let alone kind to each other.

Check out the music video for ‘Cannibal’ below!



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