“Music brought us together and made our friendship strong,” Adam Catalan tells us, lead vocalist and bass player with Winchester. Although the band were originally formed in Cardiff where they met as students, they hail from all over (the Midlands, Bristol etc) and bonded over their passion for creating music that was “a journey through the past, present and future of sound.”

Based mostly in the metal genre, Winchester can be difficult to pin down due to their eclectic tastes and the fact that they “love to play around with different styles of music” as Adam told us. “you can get cleans, rap or screams depending on my mood and where the song/riff/groove goes. Some people call us metal. Some call us rock…When we play live we can play with any band and cater our set list and delivery to the occasion and still inject a punk mindset into it.”

“hearing from strangers that they enjoyed us and see us going far is both the most humbling and most exciting thing”

The band’s live shows are indeed, something to be experienced, and Adam described them as “completely different entities” to their recorded material, with the group keen to give the audiences something to remember, and experiment and push themselves. “We jam around, run around and generally surprise everyone who thought we were going to sound exactly the same or even worse live…every gig and every song manage to be slightly different. Something we love to do,” he explained, then added, “We have not yet been able to capture our live energy so recording is all about getting something down that is more polished and acceptable to ears.”

That being said, the band HAVE put some excellent music down on record, recording album ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’ last year with Dan Weller, and Adam tells us we can expect more music fairly soon featuring some “new artwork drawn by our friend Will Cross and yet to be revealed…It’s my favourite piece of artwork I have ever seen.” The music itself looks set to be released in January and Adam advised everyone to keep their eyes and ears peeled. “We want to play these new songs for as many people we can,” he said, going on to explain how much they enjoy touring and playing live. “We have spent some amazing time in Europe, especially Germany…getting to go abroad with music is very fulfilling. We have played our biggest, most fun shows and we aren’t scared about them getting bigger…hearing from strangers that they enjoyed us and see us going far is both the most humbling and most exciting thing…Seeing those people lose it to music they had not heard yet is very special.”

“We sincerely just want to help the human race to advance in a way that isnt destructive.”

And they plan on taking it all the way, their vision not only in music, but in other media and art formats too. “Books, TV, Movies… it is all achievable nowadays,” said Adam, who also added that, looking into the future, he’d like to be “living in a world where I wouldn’t need to have a punk mentality. One where everything is more equal, loving, free, connected and understanding.” The content of Winchester’s lyrical output reflects this world view, and Adam invites listeners to look deeper into the tracks and the songs they’re putting out to find the real meanings. “It is all about the fear of watching our societies tiptoe towards a Dystopian future,” he explained. “Everyone is so divided and I want to bring a level of understanding…There is a dark future in the Black Mirror and I want to talk about that possible future before It happens so that maybe the human race can stop competing and come together peacefully. Check out the music to find out where we take this concept.”

Giving listeners plenty to go on then, this multi-instrumentalist three piece are looking set to have a busy and bright 2020. “Scott (guitar/vocals) is mixing our record right now,” Adam assured us, and certainly Winchester seem like a talented bunch of guys who have plenty to give. “We sincerely just want to help the human race to advance in a way that isnt destructive,” explained Adam genuinely. “We dont want anything other than peace and love. Violence doesn’t appeal to us so fighting through music feels like one of the only ways to let out our frustration and passion…Come to a show and listen to a track and we will give you an opportunity to let off steam and meet people.”





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