When it comes to pop punk there’s nowhere in the world that seems to embody it’s sunshine spirit better than Australia. With a love of emo nights and pop punk hooks and choruses, Low-Key Affair are quickly becoming a band that need to be on your international radar more often.


2019 has been an exciting year for you all, especially with the release of your first EP ‘Pathways’. What was the process like with recording it?

Lachy: Recording Pathways was crazy. It was a real Frankenstein style process. We recorded 3 tracks in one day 10 months prior to the release and then the rest we wrote over a weekend while drinking cheap spirits and recorded over 2 days at different locations than the first run of tracks. It was really challenging because at the time, we didn’t have a permanent lineup, it was just me and jack playing shows and writing as a duo. During the recording process, I played all the parts except drums, which at times got extremely tiring and draining but luckily coffee exists. (Lachy – Vocalist)

You’ve described the EP with serving “some seriously feel good vibes”. What would you say is the key to making your music “feel good”? 

Lachy: A lot of the time, people get lost in the way a song should sound to sound “happy” or “feel good”. Personally, for me when I’m writing the lyrics I aim for relatable and honest. Sometimes that’s what you need, someone to tell you the truth. (Lachy – Vocalist)

“people get lost in the way a song should sound to sound “happy” or “feel good’.” 

Your goal with your music is to “throw it back to the early noughties” with a nostalgic pop punk sound. What are some bands you would say influence the sound of Low-Key Affair, and how have they influenced you?

Lachy: “The current lineup comes from completely different perspectives of inspiration and writing styles. Which I think can produce something unique. For example; Jack is really into Prog stuff, Neck Deep, WSTR and Belmont. Reece vibes hard with the classic Blink182, Yellow Card and Real friends bunch. Luke is really into that Midwest emo sound America is pumping out like Hot Mulligan and Tiny Moving parts, even some jazz influence. While I’m here listening to Northlane, Knuckle Puck and A Day To Remember.”

In an industry that is always killing off and reviving certain genres, what would you say is the key to keeping pop punk alive and thriving in the alternative scene against heavier counterparts such as metal and hardcore? 

Lachy: Personally, I don’t see the point in segregating genres. We recently played a festival in Canberra with Forsaker headlining and every other band spanned from hardcore, metalcore and djent whilst we played pop punk. Moving past the idea of “you’re not heavy enough to play with these bands” will be the key to rebuilding the music scene locally. We love playing with bands in different genres, mixed bill shows are the best.

“I hope our crowd continues to absorb the energy we put out and really feel the passion we put into our music.”

You’ve made a name for yourself in your hometown, especially with playing many shows in different venues throughout the year. What has the reception of the crowd been like since the EP was released?

Luke (Bassist): Everyone has a great time and I hope our crowd continues to absorb the energy we put out and really feel the passion we put into our music.

Looking back on the entire year, what have been your highlights and best memories made?

Luke: The road trip down to Canberra to play at ‘The Basement’ was definitely a highlight! It was my first ever interstate show and it was a great bonding experience to travel down with the guys and get a little taste of what life on the road with LKA is going to be like.

2020 is just around the corner now. What are your plans for the next twelve months? New music, more touring?

Hitting the studio. National and Regional Shows. #LKA2020





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