It’s been a successful year for Peterborough’s Lonesome. A post-rock outfit who reached a massive milestone this year by releasing their debut EP, ‘To Myself, From Myself‘ back in April through That Night Forest Grews. The EP was positively received by critics and fans, and was their highlight of the entire year. Bassist Chris Roberts said so himself: “It was a long time in the making and finally getting it out to such a positive response has been amazing.”

Being a band for a little over seven years, Chris also said about how the EP has made them “a lot busier.”
“It has definitely highlighted how much harder we have to work to write our next record and make it the best we possibly can.”

If a studio EP isn’t enough for one year, Lonesome also brought out a live session recording of the entire record from All Saints Church. A very important record, being recited in a very important location to many people in the country – and it was decided as the band considered it “the best setting” for such a session. Especially after the church was also featured in the music video for the band’s single, ‘In The Heart You Have’, it held such great importance to everyone and Chris even described the experience as “ethereal”.

“It has definitely highlighted how much harder we have to work to write our next record and make it the best we possibly can”

“I think we all felt something different from playing there,” he said. “It was definitely an amazing experience to play our songs in a building with history. Us playing there just added to that.”
It’s not just churches the band’s been visiting on their musical adventures. The band has been travelling around the country to bring their tunes to their steadily increasing fanbase, and it’s safe to say it’s taking them to places they’ve never thought about playing. Most recently, the band have completed a three-date tour with A Night Like This; instead of playing the bigger cities, the tour saw the guys playing in Luton, High Wycombe and Oxford. According to them, the smaller towns “just love” having bands play.
“There’s a gig in London every day so I feel it’s not so special,” Chris admitted. “It’s also interesting getting out of different places…and meeting people from all over the country.”

From the cross-country travels to meeting the “respectful” fans in the crowd, there are many things Lonesome enjoy about touring! When asked about other bands they’d love to join on tour, it wasn’t the easiest for them to answer… But they gave some suggestions: “Caspian, Tides of Man, Deaf Havana and Blanket.”
“We all have such a diverse taste of music in this band.” Watch out for future tour line-ups with Lonesome, it’s gonna be crazy!

It’s easy to talk about touring and playing music live, but there’s something that made Chris instantly say, “This is a difficult question!” – what are the band’s favourite songs to perform?
“We play pretty much the whole record live as it’s intended to be played as one piece” – of course – “I love seeing the audience reaction to the whole experience.”

“We’re always planning more music and content…2020 is going to be no exception.”

Speaking on how the band play live, it was revealed that their sets are usually filled with just music; no breaks, nothing to drag them away from their performance. “It’s very different from playing a song and then having a few seconds and going into another song.”

The guys must be doing something right, as they’ve been met with nothing but cheers and compliments. Saying how it “blows our minds” how people can find their music so inspirational and helpful in their lives, and famous faces such as I Prevails’ Ian Fike reached out to share his praise of their hard work. It means that Lonesome are coming out of 2019 loved, celebrated, and they’re leaving everyone wondering one thing: what’s next? “We’re always planning more music and content…2020 is going to be no exception.”

“We’ve got a couple of shows in the works for early in the year…maybe even a new song will appear!”
Well, there you are: Lonesome are not slowing down just yet, and there will be a lot of news coming out over the coming weeks and months. Watch this space!



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