“We had done too much work to let everything just slip away,” said Glasgow’s Horizons over their recent tumultuous lineup changes. Speaking recently with Discovered, the five piece melodic hardcore outfit reflected on a hectic 2019 for the band. “The lineup changes were definitely something that slowed down our whole process this year and added a lot of unexpected delays, however, that being said as soon as it was complete again it was incredible how fast everything got back on track!” They still managed to stick with their original plan of releasing a new record before 2019 was out, new single ‘Sickness & Death’. “This one in particular deals with Adams’ struggle with suffering from Cystic Fibrosis,” the band told us. “When you approach a song from that sort of perspective, it definitely feels like you need to do it justice with the idea that you initially came up with and we definitely feel we have managed that with Sickness & Death!”

The lineup changes seem to be doing them justice too, as the guys feel this one is definitely here to stay and is making a positive change on the band. “[It] feels like the best fit so far. The work ethic, creativity and drive to do this as a band is at an all time high…Hopefully this lineup will be the last time you see changes in Horizons!”

Now that they’ve got stuff together and are back on track, they’re desperate to get “out on the road and play some more shows” with plans to make it out of Scotland before the end of the year to “engage with an audience elsewhere.” From then on in, they plan to “keep going and pushing to get as far as we can.”

“The work ethic, creativity and drive to do this as a band is at an all time high”

Musically, Horizons are classed as melodic hardcore but as there’s a lot more going on than just that. “Our goal is always to make something that people won’t have heard before,” the band told us. “Whether it’s completely unique in its sound or our own personal spin on a type of genre or style…We hope that eventually people will be able to recognise a Horizons track just by the way it sounds.”

Lyrically, their songs are already pretty “personal in nature” but that’s something they’re interested in exploring more in the future. “We have realised that there are a lot of things that we can put into our music that are cathartic for us and hopefully others,” the band said. “This was always the case with music we listened to in our own lives and it’s something we would like to reflect in our own songs. A lot of the songs can sometimes end up taking quite a dark turn lyrically, but at the same time we try to contrast this with upbeat and more energetic music itself.”

It seems like Horizons have a pretty firm plan in place for the future then, with their own horizons brightening and broadening now the new lineup is firmly cemented. “Originally we just wanted people to hear our music and give ourselves a creative outlet, and this definitely hasn’t changed,” they said, adding, “But now we want to take it further and try and reach out to more and more people. Music has been a big part of all of our lives and we hope we can help do the same for others.”

“Music has been a big part of all of our lives and we hope we can help do the same for others.”

They’ve learnt some important life lessons along the way too including the power of not giving up. “No matter how much you plan it out it probably won’t work that way, but as long as you don’t give up it’ll happen eventually and probably better than you had initially hoped for,” they offered up some wise words, going on to speak of their own further dreams and ambitions. “We definitely want to head down to England to start playing some shows,” they said. “And getting over to Europe would be a very cool opportunity. Playing in the USA/Canada is definitely one of our dreams!”

Ultimately though, Horizons are “just five guys who are all on the same page making the music we want to make” and right now they’re feeling pretty lucky to have managed to find each other. “Being in a band allows us to have a creative outlet for issues we are dealing with and things we want to be able to say. That alongside having a close group of people who can support you and go on this journey with you. It’s pretty cool to be able to be part of it.”



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