The coastal towns of Britain may have given way to some of the most exciting new British  bands in the form of Creeper, or venues such as The Joiners, but sadly it’s a place where hardcore, and other forms of extreme punk, have fallen upon deaf ears. But that’s what Dresden have aimed to do, and so we talk to the band about turning the tides once more.

“We try and tap into the concept of extremism and control within our music…”

First up, your debut single ‘Spitting Teeth’ has just been released, are you pleased with how the track has been received? 

Joe (Bassist): I’d say we are pretty happy with the feedback we’ve got, a lot of people especially from the northern hardcore and beatdown scene have been incredibly supportive and have really enjoyed the track. More than anything we are just so pleased with the way it turned out and the overall positive reception

As mentioned previously you guys have been around for a little bit but have only now released your debut single. What was behind the delays in getting your music recorded and out there and how frustrating was that for you guys trying to get your band off the ground?

Ewan: Honestly it was a case of finding our sound, we floated around so much in the first few years and nothing ever really stuck, we also had a few lineup changes so we just decided to kind of start fresh and the Dresden as we know it was born and we starting putting more and more effort into what we were creating and what our message as a band was.

Bournemouth isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for heavy music, do you think coming from somewhere a little more left field and having to carve more of your own path has been an advantage?

Rob (Drummer): In some ways yes, in other ways no. Bournemouth is just saturated by a load of indie and alternative bands which are great in their own respect, but it makes it difficult for us to put ourselves out there as the local audience is very small. However, in other ways it’s quite good because not only is our bass-only set up unique to us, the fact that we are one of the few heavier bands in Bournemouth gives us a bit of a niche and more opportunity to play heavy shows that are put on locally.

“It’s the idea that everyone is feeding off of the same media and that people tend to believe what they are told.”

We’ve seen online you’ve spoken about an upcoming EP called ‘Cult’ is that still in the works and when might we get to hear that? Where was the title ‘Cult’ inspired from? 

Ewan: Cult is still in the works; we are just trying to focus on the writing stage and making it as good as we can. Hopefully everyone will be able to hear a track or two sometime early next year. The title ‘Cult’ derives from the literal definition, but also, I tried to expand upon the idea of a unanimous cult that is ever present in society, such as everyone feeding off of the same media and that people tend to believe what they are told. We try and tap into the concept of extremism and control within our music.

Do you feel you have to be careful when taking a more conceptual approach as to not come off cheesy but original? 

Ewan: I wouldn’t say so. We tend just to do what we want and have fun with it, but if people find it cheesy then that’s down to them. Even though the concept of portraying society as a controlling malevolent cult isn’t particularly original, we just want to be able to take our own unique spin on it.

“As much as we enjoy being independent, online presence has definitely assisted us a lot.”

You seem to pride yourself on doing your own thing and being independent, and with it being easier than ever to get your music heard do you actually think that can be an advantage now?

Ewan: Definitely. There are so many platforms for you to be able to put your music out for not much at all. Obviously places such as Spotify and Apple Music are great, but even places on YouTube such as Dreambound and Chugcore for instance help you promote your music in such a way that you can reach a wide online audience. As much as we enjoy being independent, online presence has definitely assisted us a lot.

And finally looking forwards what have we got to look forward from Dresden in 2020 and beyond?

Rob: So much, man. We got new music coming out, a few new shows in places we’ve never played before, it’s all just really exciting. We’re hoping to get a couple music videos done for when the EP is released too. I think our goal is just to keep playing shows, that’s what we enjoy to do more than anything.




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