It’s been a few years since chugcore kings such as Chunk No Captain Chunk, A Skylit Drive and Woe Is Me have crossed our minds and ears, but that’s not to discredit how much fun they brought to a sometimes very serious genre. And that’s exactly why you’ll love Bristol’s humorously named,  Destroy The Beast, Find The Baby. 

“Brought together through a love of pop punk and hardcore and a refusal to choose between the two” is how you describe the formation of the band. What ways have you brought these two genres together in your music?

“We have always loved the up beat nature and catchy choruses of Pop Punk, so we normally start with that as a base for our songs, pulling inspiration from some of our childhood favourites. But there was something about pure Pop Punk that just didn’t feel right for us. We’re all also fans of heavier music, and wanted to bring the more interesting elements of hardcore into our songs, adding some bits to throw down to in between the bits to bop your head.”

You released your first single ‘This Could Be Complicated…’ back in September 2016. Almost three years on, what do you think about the single? Would there be anything you would’ve changed about it?

“That single was a great start for us, I think it really showed the kind of sound we were trying to go for, having those mix of genre elements. Obviously that being our first single, we think we have definitely refined the sound we wanted a bit more now, and while we still love to play that song live, it is very much a reflection of us trying to find what path we were going down with our sound. It’s hard to say that I would change anything about it, but we’re glad that we have a clearer vision of what we want to make now.”

“We wanted to be adding some bits to throw down to in between the bits to bop your head.”

Comparing that single to your more recent EP, ‘Dry Land is a Myth’, how would you say the band has changed or developed?

“I think we have really found an identity with this EP. Looking back at This Could Be Complicated… and our first EP Cancel The Apocalypse, those releases were a collection of songs we were proud of, but ones we look back on now and feel we have really moved on from. The new EP still sounds like us, but a much clearer, more defined version of what we want to sound like.”

Hailing from Bristol, how would you describe the punk/hardcore scene around there?

“The music scene in Bristol is great fun. The city has a historically great music scene, some amazing venues and we are honestly so lucky to have such an engaged, and supportive group of local fans, it’s a very musically open minded city. The Punk/Hardcore scene in general comes in waves, lots of new bands popping up, and there is always something new happening.”

What are the hometown crowds like at your gigs?

“Our home town crowds are so incredibly supportive. It’s amazing to see familiar faces at different gigs, knowing that people are coming back to see us multiple times. The Bristol music scene seems so supportive in general, every venue owner, booker, sound engineer, band, gig goer, we’re all in it together, Bristol is a city that feels very proud of supporting music and creating these amazingly friendly shows.”

“It’s been a lot of hard work that is also a bit hidden…”

What has been your highlight of 2019? What’s been the one event you’ll remember forever?

“2019 has been an odd one for us, we’ve spent so long writing and recording this new EP, and working behind the scenes to finally get it out to the world. It’s been a lot of hard work that is also a bit hidden. But finally releasing Dry Land Is A Myth and playing our release show at The Louisiana to a packed hometown crowd was unbelievable, and a show we definitely will not forget.”

Finally, with  2020 quickly approaching, what plans have you got in store for the next twelve months that you can tell us about?

“At this stage, having worked on the new EP for so long, it’s hard to say. We plan on gigging as much as possible, visiting new places and venues wherever we can, and just enjoy playing our new songs to as many people as possible. We’ve already started writing some new material so potentially some more music in 2020 if all goes well, but we’ll just see how the wind takes us really, we just love playing shows and making sounds, so will do that as much as we possibly can.”





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