How would you feel if you had the opportunity to open for your favorite band? This is every musician’s dream. Well, Defining Lines, a metalcore outfit from West Yorkshire, were able to live out that dream when they got to open for the American metalcore band Memphis May Fire in early December.

“I think it’s one of those things we’ve always joked about when we’ve seen posters at shows, ‘Imagine if we could get on a show with them,’” guitarist Micky T said prior to their show with MMF, “This time it actually happened and as soon as we saw it drop in our inbox I think we all kinda lost it, I love MMF!”

“The fact I had a poster of [MMF vocalist] Matty Mullins on my walls when I was an angsty teen says it all, I personally can’t wait for this show,” vocalist Michael Aveyard chimed in.

Not bad for a band that only formed a year prior.

Defining Lines are one of the hottest metalcore acts that you should be paying attention to. Combining the best elements found in bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, and The Blackout, Defining Lines, composed of vocalist Michael Aveyard, guitarists Arron Jagger and Micky T, bassist Riki Kean, and drummer Timmay Arnold, are quickly making a name for themselves after dropping their debut EP “As Our Souls Depart” last August and their stellar new single “Fall Apart” which came out in October. The EP contained two popular singles “Collapse” and “Wasted Youth,” garnering them praise on Facebook and YouTube, causing the EP to achieve over 80,000 plays on various music streaming services.

“I think it’s one of those things we’ve always joked about when we’ve seen posters at shows, ‘Imagine if we could get on a show with them…’”

Even though they formed back in 2018, the story of Defining Lines starts all the way back in 2014. “Me and Riki were both in a band called Defining Lines back in about 2014,” Aveyard spoke on the band’s beginnings. However, that Defining Lines didn’t really go anywhere. “The band never left the practice room.” After months of trying to come up with a name, they decided to use the name of their band which never came to fruition. Sure it might not sound like the name of a metalcore band, but that’s what makes them unique. As Aveyard put it, “We think [our name’s] a little different to most bands in our ‘genre’, so hopefully it makes us stand out!”

When looking back on when they all got together, Jagger said, “We were mostly brought together through mutual friends. I personally didn’t know any of the other guys before we started this band. I met Michael through a mutual friend a couple years ago when we started Defining Lines. After a few line-up changes, here we are. I think the thing that kept us together is the fact that we all have the same goal in mind. We all want to take this as far as we can, and we will.”

“We all want to take this as far as we can, and we will.”

So far, their discography has been absolutely solid, with songs like “Wasted Youth” and their newest banger “Fall Apart.” “The first EP, ‘As Our Souls Depart,’ was very melancholic lyrically,” Aveyard said about their songwriting themes. “I personally had a lot to get off my chest from my late teens and early 20’s and this was my chance to do so. Some songs can be interpreted a few different ways and I like that!” The messages in their lyrics let people know they’re not alone with their issues, being relatable for anyone going through real life struggles.

Defining Lines are carrying the metalcore banner for the new decade. While metalcore never went away per se, it seems these lads are ringing in a new era for the genre. “I think the style of metalcore we play is definitely making a comeback, in Leeds especially,” Arnold said on the subject.

Come 2020, expect a lot of new music and a lot of shows from these guys. They’re working on a new EP along with a few singles, so you can expect a lot of new material to sink your ears into. Once the new year begins, it’s best that you’re not sleeping on Defining Lines.




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